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Twenty-Four Hours of Perfection
by Brandon Howarth

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I woke up at 9:00 in the morning only to see my boyfriend's beautiful face resting on the white pillows in our bedroom in Tahiti. The room has a beautiful white complexion, and the early morning sun gleams through the white curtains that cover the window. It takes only a few short moments for my boyfriend's beautiful blue eyes to open. He stares at me with that amazing loving glance of his. His soft red lips curl up into a smile as he tenderly says, "Hey buddy," and I smile to return the greeting. Oh, how I love him. He gently crawls out from under his cover and his short, light brown hair is a little messed up, but it makes him all the more beautiful.

He puts a white wife-beater on over his thin upper body. A white t-shirt is soon to follow as it slowly covers up the wife-beater. The wife-beater is still somewhat visible through the white t-shirt creating a beautiful effect. He slips on a pair of khaki pants and puts on a pair of white socks. He slowly walks over to me and throws his thin, soft arms around my waist and tenderly touches his lips to mine. He looks into my eyes and softly whispers the words, "I love you." I voluntarily return the glance. He gives me a gentle hug and lets go.

The two of us go outside to spend time together on one of the beautiful white-sand beaches of Tahiti. We go for a walk along the beach as the waves splash and the gentle undercurrent moves in and out under our feet. The sun gleams down from the clear, summer sky and an occasional seagull flies by. The cool air blows my boyfriend's hair giving him the resemblance of an Abercrombie and Fitch model. It's amazing how nothing needs to be said; we just know that we love each other by the glance.

His tender hand grips mine and we look at each other only to see a smile on one another's face. He turns to hug me and I accept his warm caress as his soft hand brushes my hair. I reach out to run my hands down his beautifully shaped back as we lean in to kiss each other yet again. We sit in the sand on the beach and talk about how much we love each other and enjoy spending time together. His beautiful body draws closer to mine as he leans his well-shaped head on my shoulder. I throw my arm over his shoulder and begin to rub him gently.

We remain in that position for a little while until we both lie down on the white sand. A few seconds later, he holds himself only a few inches above me and we start to slowly wrestle in the sand.

After a few minutes of wrestling, he reaches out to kiss me and I accept. His soft lips touch mine and his tender tongue finds its way into my mouth. We hold the kiss for a few minutes and then we just lie down and hold each other as we enjoy each other's presence.

He gets up from the sand at the same time I do. He starts to playfully chase me but slips in the sand. He pushes himself up out of the sand as he continues to chase me. He chases me through the water as it splashes beneath our feet. He chuckles as I lead him out of the water until he finally catches up to me.

He pulls me down to the ground and we roll around on top of each other until we both get tired. We sit up and he grabs a hold of me. He places me in his arms and we watch as the sun beautifully dips down over the horizon.

We decide to go in so we can get a good night's sleep. He grasps my hand and leads me back into our room. We arrive back in the now dark bedroom, but instead of going to bed, he leads me out to the porch. The ocean splashes underneath us and the stars gleam in the sky above. We sit on the ground and I crawl in between his legs and he throws his arms around my waist. My back gently rests on his soft stomach as we calmly look into the stars. Every once in a while, he gives me a tender kiss on the cheek. I look up at him only to smile.

After about a few hours of holding each other under the stars of the night, he leads me back into the room and we both cuddle up under the covers. I watch his face as he gently falls asleep. He reminds me of an angel and his endless beauty. Its moments like this that make you wonder how someone cannot believe in the true power of miracles.

I watch him fall asleep. It only takes a few minutes before I find myself dozing off in the same fashion he did only minutes before me.

A day of no worries, a day when it's just him and me without the worries of the world, a day when we don't have to worry how other people feel about us, a day when two guys being together isn't a mortal sin. That's the ultimate dream, to experience twenty-four hours of perfection. To go through a day when I can experience a love like that and be worry-free to do so. Maybe someday. Maybe, just maybe.

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