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Query: TECnology evolution in 21st century
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Cynthia Holden(Transcript)Search string: 98240098111.47871 Scroll per year highlight from date.

Holden:		Further to the feature we ran last week on TEC flight, the groundbreaking military piloting system unveiled 
		by the Pentagon, we can now confirm the speculation as being true, that testing has begun in earnest on the 
		commercialisation of this technology for domestic and foreign air travel. Our feature last week focused on 	
		the unveiling of this project and named Doctor Andrew Hemmings as project head for what was dubbed 	
		by many to be the technological determinant of our generation.
		Hemmings, eminent psychologist and author of the series of academic texts entitled 'mind over matter' has 
		been working with the Pentagon for the last fifteen years, refining the principles and technology which has 	
		linked human thought directly to technological manipulation. Although not a new concept, with speculative 
		projects in existence since before the turn of the century, thought controlled technology has become a 	
		working reality which IT and business analysts say will shape all of our lives in the coming years.
		TEC flight, or Thought Encrypted Control flight has been the project of Doctor Hemmings and a team of 	
		leading military scientists for the past fifteen years. Their objective has been to unlock the potential of 	
		Electroencephalographic or EEG recognition and filtration through the use of supercomputers designed to 	
		map and interpret complex electro-chemical signals as they emanate from the human brain. Early testings 	
		primarily focused on the control of high-end fighter jet manouverability where EEG mapping was used to 	
		close the gap between pilot thought and aircraft manouver. However the military have revealed over the past 
		few days, an array of other applications which are already becoming known as the new standard for weapon 
		and defence system design. 
		Joining us today to discuss TEC flight and wider EEG recognition technologies is Doctor Hemmings, 	
		project head for many of the EEG design programs commissioned by the military, and widely recognised 	
		father of advanced thought control in mechanical and technological application. Doctor Andrew 		
		Hemmings, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us today.
Hemmings:		It's a pleasure Cynthia, thank you for inviting me.
Holden:		Now, before we go into the technologies and their applications, may I just confirm for our viewers that the 	
		Pentagon have given full approval for the release of what essentially has been a technology shrouded in 	
		secrecy for the past fifteen years, as indicated in the press statement two days ago. And, further, that they 	
		will support commercial applications and open the techniques you have been developing to the wider 	
		scientific community.
Hemmings:		Yes Cynthia, but can I just state at this point that when the research began, some seventeen years ago, the 	
		Pentagon was aware that certain aspects of this project would in the future have bearing on non-military 	
		technologies, and it has been a central theme of our teams work since I joined as project head to consider 	
		how to approach the release of this science to the non-military community.
Holden:		So why now, Doctor Hemmings?
Hemmings:		As you know, my team has been working on many aspects and variations of this technology for a 		
		directly military environment for many years, and of course detail of much of this is still of a highly 	
		restricted nature due to national security requirements. I can confirm though that we have rolled out sister 	
		projects based on aspects of the original flight program which include areas such as weapon guidance, 	
		combat fatigue, stealth communication and other vehicular control. It is only now, that the systems and 	
		scientific principals have been extensively 'field tested' as it were, in high level combat and combat 	
		readiness situations has it been deemed safe enough to assuredly release this technology into the wider public 
Holden:		This week's announcement from the Pentagon was directly related to the original, and recently much 	
		publicised, flight program from which many of the other technologies you have been developing have spun off; 	
		I wonder, Doctor Hemmings, if you could give our viewers an overview of the technology involved 	
		in both this and the other related programs, and the intentions of the government in releasing this into the 	
		commercial arena now. 
Hemmings:		Certainly Cynthia. I will begin by describing some of the origins of the technology, the foundations of which 
		were already well in place when my team was called in to develop further military application. In the first 	
		fighter jet tests, a pilot's thought waves or EEGs were mapped and examined in a laboratory, in relation to a 
		set of stimuli, in essence the pilot was fitted with electrodes which monitored what happened in his brain 	
		when he thought simple instructions such as 'bank left' 'roll' 'fire'. The feedback which these instructions 	
		generated was then fed into a supercomputer which took the information and sorted through the vast 'jumble' 
		of other information, or background noise, which the human brain inherently produces. It was the job of the 	
		supercomputer to find the consistent elements within each of these instructions, tag them and produce shortcuts 
		to filter through what it learnt was inconsequential data to find the hidden instruction. It then simply 
		produced instruction of its own to make the aircraft's controls react in the required way. 
		In early tests this process of identification could mean asking the pilot to think the words 'bank 		
		left' a hundred times in order to allow the computer something identifiable to work with. Much of our work 
		over the past few years has been in reducing this process and we currently ask pilots to think an instruction 	
		three times when programming, to allow recognition. Now here perhaps is a good example of why this 	
		technology has only been released now. We have, essentially, only just reached the point where realistic 	
		adoption in a wide variety of non-specialist fields can be achieved. 
		There are still about ninety distinct instructions, which the pilot must give during flight and all of these have 
		to be related to numerical differentiators, which are programmed separately. Going back to the example 	
		given, the pilot is able to instruct his aircraft to 'bank left' and then qualifies this with '14' describing the 	
		number of degrees to be banked. Now, numbers are treated separately and are very difficult to pinpoint as 	
		distinct thoughts. Each pilot is asked to perform quite extensive numerical programming, right now each 	
		number between one and a hundred is repeated at least twenty times. Numbers over a hundred are stringed, 
		for example one hundred and eighty is 'one hundred' and 'eighty', seven hundred and twenty five is 'seven' 
		and 'one hundred' and 'twenty-five'. It sounds long winded but after a few attempts the pilot can 	
		achieve a very fast response rate through this coding system.
		Now, when these instructions are understood by the supercomputer it can produce instructional programs for 
		far simpler and smaller computers on board aircraft to understand output from specially modified helmets 	
		worn by the pilots. Where further unprogrammed instruction is required there are streamed linkages which 	
		can remotely access the supercomputer for on-the-run interpretation based upon what it knows of the 	
		individual's thought process models and output footprints. Ad hoc programming is usually not required, 	
		especially in something as simple as flight control, but there are other applications which do require 	
		contextualised 'rounding' where an individuals interpretational instructions need to be understood, But that is 
		a little advanced for what we are talking about today.
Holden:		So the pilot can achieve hands-off control, through direct access from monitors built within his headgear to 
		the flight controls, each programmed thought producing a distinct instruction which is read, identified and 	
		understood by the computer which in turn issues instruction to the aircraft to perform the manoeuvre 	
		specified. Now, I know that many viewers will be dubious as to the safety of this form of system. I wonder 	
		what assurance you can give on this matter? And what exactly are the benefits of this form of control over 	
		the traditional hands-on approach? 
Hemmings:		I would understand these concerns, our project team shared these same concerns seventeen years ago and it is 
		of course safety and responsiveness which have driven our research. I can tell you that when we developed 	
		this technology it was of course all tested on the ground before ever being applied to the air. The founders of 
		this research started with specially adapted cars, refining processes until the most basic instructions were 	
		possible. Their achievements at the end of the last century were remarkable when you consider the level of 	
		sophistication of their computers compared to what we have today. When our project team looked to further 
		develop military applications, the founders of the research had already flown relatively simple jets with mid- 	
		flight instruction. The 'bank left', 'fire' instructions which I mentioned earlier. We simply applied the 	
		theories they had been working on and produced more advanced instruction capabilities based on 		
		advancements in computing power, and improvements in transmittal technologies. The first turn of the 	
		century results were not amazingly encouraging in tests carried out on advanced manoeuvres such as take-	
		off and landing, but that improved. I can tell you that for the past five years all military aircraft have been 	
		operated with TEC flight as the primary system - there is still manual back up in many models of aircraft 	
		but that is largely becoming redundant now. Improvements in pilot performance and effectiveness have 	
		averaged at twenty three percent across all jet types. The system takes out one of the three key processes of 	
		manoeuvre which is the physical output of thought as it interacts with technology. By taking out physical 	
		control we are essentially removing the middleman and performing straight from 'source'. There are many 	
		who would argue that DECAM or Direct Electro Chemical Assisted Manoeuvring, the stem terminology for 
		this process, is in fact still manual control, as movements within the human brain are causing reactions in 	
		the technology similar in many ways to using hands or feet.
		The benefits of the system are immense; not only is pilot performance and thus safety dramatically improved, 
		but it also takes away the possibility of hijack. No one but the pilots can perform manoeuvres in the plane, 	
		their headgear cannot be removed and used by anyone else because it is programmed to interpret each 	
		individual pilot's thought waves, and another brain pattern would be unreadable to it - it simply wouldn't 	
		recognise the instructions.
Holden:		So we eliminate hijack forever?
Hemmings:		Well, in a way. We eliminate the possibility of control hijack, we can't ignore the possibility that an attempt 
		will be made to coerce the pilot to perform manoeuvres as instructed by a third party. But I am sure you will 
		agree that history has told us that pilots will not, under any circumstances, manoeuvre their aircraft in such 	
		devastating ways as hijackers would of their own accord.
		RA, or Remote Assist can be built in as an instruction so the plane can then be made to respond only to 	
		controllers on the ground who can guide the plane safely to its destination using simple remote access and 	
		control programs which have been in operation for over fifty years now. Commercially a purely RA 	
		controlled flight is not a viable option because there is a huge psychological barrier against not having a pilot 
		aboard when flying. Technically as well, tests have shown that RA flights are not as safe as piloted ones; 	
		there is a certain symbiosis with technology which is hard to quantify, but benefits do derive from close 	
		proximity to the technology which the human being is controlling.
		Now, we are rolling this out to commercial airlines as we speak. Congress is currently considering a bill to 	
		standardise on this system as the new safety standard. We have program centres currently being built in all 	
		major cities which direct flights within our borders and we have already extensively tested the system with 	
		complete success on all major models of airliner. 
		We are going to bring confidence back into our airlines and soon we will apply this technology to trains, 	
		boats, cars and any other vehicle which potential hijackers could target.
Holden:		Doctor Hemmings, thank you for sparing us your time today.
Hemmings:		It's my pleasure Cynthia.

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2035	Global user to user email figures at 112 billion per day (4536234897323)
2036	Working from home now norm for most medium to large enterprises (34527265198700)
2036	Carcinogenic emissions transmitted from mobile devices officially reaches zero output level. 
2038	'Single item' mobile computing devices are industry norm leading to large scale IT industry mergers and 
	acquisitions (36219872465154)
2039	Home learning removes the need for traditional educational institutions (675192871242345) CELIA 
	Restricted 356257236
2040	'Worn' computing devices linked to web now designed into many items of everyday clothing 

(screened July-Sept 2040)

Wear something accessible
Levis headwear
Youth walks into a diner and is noticed by the waitress serving fries. She is sweating and wipes her brow as he 
approaches. He speaks softly and she strains to hear him. He raises his eyes to point out the text 'you need cooling 
down' scrolling on the front of his headgear. She smiles and nods. He picks an icecube from a dispenser on the 
counter and looks at her through it. The ice is replaced by an eyepiece which scrolls through a neon illuminated 
organiser and he asks her when she finishes work. She tells him a time and he enters it into the organiser. An 
instruction is given and he calls his girlfriend to tell her he will be late home tonight. He speaks to his girlfriend 
as he maintains eye contact with the waitress. As he talks he mutes the call and verbally instructs the words 'just 
clearing my schedule' to appear on the front of the hat. The waitress smiles. Still talking the youth scans the 
internet to find a restaurant close to the area. 
Youth winks at waitress as he finishes his call and whispers again softly, the text 'see you at seven' scrolls on his 
headgear. As he leaves the text 'wear something accessible' appears on the rear of the headwear.

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2041	Online voting becomes mandatory in European State (23556768712123) CELIA Restricted 26787653
2042 	Starcom aquires Sterion Selected (67896541287)
Related access: Highest: Hemmings, Hemcult, terrorism, thought, control, EEG, ESP, TEC, aviation, military, 
HPA, Wave, wave, SILN, Sterion, Starcom, RUSH. Handset Scan results Download selection4.01.02Press 
Release:Starcom originated Development and Mergers(Archive)Search ref: 27340954978.36198

Thoughts of things to come
Barcelona, Spain, 2042. In a joint partnership with Sterion, the world's fourth largest player in mobile phone headsets and handsets, Starcom are pleased to announce the imminent launch of 'Wave', a new series of mobile phone handsets designed to work solely through the use of thought waves. The product will develop systems previously designed around voice control and will use online streaming to link the user with a centrally based interpretational computerbank designed to register thought responses. The 'dialler' will simply think 'key words' similar to how they select names manually at present and will submit this word confirmed three times into the handset - as the trigger word for dialling a string of numbers. Individual numbers can also be registered for direct dialling not placed under keyword or group. The handset has in-built registers to hold the EEG response and feed these back to the central computer which detangles instruction and identifies core coding. The dialler is then profiled and registered through a central server and from there streamed recognition will direct the individual's handset toward profile 'SILNs' (Streamed Intelligent Learning Nodules) which are built upon recognition of each user's 'static', eliminating this information for a more refined service with each use. SILNs will also be used as interpretational bases for regional differentiators, picking up nuances in dialects and language for groups of users by location in order to create a regionalised understanding which the system can use to feed databases of intelligent understanding mechanisms. Starcom have developed the software for this application in partnership with Hemmings Industries, the intellectual owner of HPA (Human Programming Applications). The acquisition of Sterion provides a flexible and effective approach to market. Shareholders from Sterion can expect a eight hundred percent dividend on their stake in the coming months. "These are exciting times for the mobile communications industry," stated Ernest Blatch, CEO of Starcom. "The potentials here are limited only by our own imagination, and over the next few weeks, we hope to show the European public that a new standard has been created. Watch this space." Read boilerplate? Continue string 2043 HP/Compaq remove desktop computing range from PC portfolio (47387523567236) 2044 Apple launches glove design keyboard interface replacement (24534096784376) 2045 Dell/IBM incorporate flex-screen technology into all system design as standard (31235687632756) Search related: found: Entertainment, Enterprise, Domestic, Communication, Technology, Education, Scroll Select Scene excerpt Jane Bond 007 Broken world Released June 13th 2045 Bond runs through streets wearing blue jeans, rounds a corner and looks out to see if her pursuers are following. She is relieved that they are not close. She is out of breath and sits with her legs bent leaning against the wall. She touches a patch on her jeans and a computer screen appears. She checks online layout map of streets around her and communicates to be picked up at a rendezvous she selects. She touches the screen again and it disappears leaving only the image of blue denim. Continue string 2046 'Unplugged' by Technophilia reaches number one in the global pop charts (274093626782312) 2047 Air travel reduced by 60% from levels of 2037 (5646576871928) 2048 2.5mm Rackable Server blade set-up standard for all SMBs Footprint: 54mmsq (3562347862534) 2049 Thought control identified as major cause of collapse of automotive industry (12568173523673) 2050 Wireless GPRS in-built as default for all system design 7Tb pms capacity achieved (236859646512378) Related access:HighestStarcom, Sterion, TCH, HPA, Mobile, Communications, ITC, RUSH, EEGScan results Download selectionAuto string cont.4.01.03Press Release: ITC originatedMarket developments(Archive) Download?Confirmed
TCH shapes the mobile communications arena
London UK, September 24th 2050. Initial take up of the new TCH (Thought Controlled Handset) jointly released by Starcom and Sterion has been unprecedented. Industry sources indicate that demand has overtaken supply by 630%, this being on advanced orders alone as yet unreinforced by any formal marketing campaigns on behalf of either of the companies. Indicators show that if these levels continue, this technology, when released, will become the new benchmark for all mobile communications applications. ITC estimates 30% market penetration in the first three months of release for all WE and AP markets, 20% in the US and 12% in ECE and MEA. All markets will converge to this standard and 30% global penetration is expected in the first twelve months of release. Growth figures will depend on supply capabilities alone and it is expected that Starcom will make further acquisitions of handset manufacturers and networks to ensure supply and broadband capacities. Should rationalisation of hardware supply be approached in this manner, global penetration will increase 7-10% each quarter for the first year and will approach 45% total share of market in the first four years of release. Lars Valgred, Chief Mobile Research Analyst for ITC warns; "This is a technology which is revolutionising the industry. The MMC will need to investigate and scrutinise business practices of the major players to ensure that costs, which have so far taken a back seat to the technology, are not continuously rolled on to the consumer unnecessarily. Examination must be made on the release of technology rights to enable competitors to exist in this environment, stimulating price reductions and giving better value for money to the consumer. An increasing approach to transparency must be made a priority on all levels, from the background chip design of Hemmings industries to the server connection and data usage of clients tapping into regionalised server nodes throughout the world. Read boilerplate? Continue string 2051 Wave V3 model introduced (456789374876) Selected Search related: found: Articles. Press Releases. User Manual. Government health advisory. Religion. Scroll. Select. Wave V3 programming instructions program new number / name entry User should hold the handset close to ear when programming or using Wave. Reading is performed by pressing the green prog button on the side of the phone and waiting for the first beep. The user should say the trigger word clearly aloud. This is not because the handset reads audio waves but because the user will think the trigger word clearer if spoken aloud. The handset will then ask for confirmation by prompting the user to repeat this action up to a further seven times. This will allow precise clarification of the trigger word. The instruction 'identified' will appear on the screen to confirm that the trigger word has been found. The user must then enter the phone number they would like associated with that trigger word. When this has been completed the user should test the programming by holding the handset to their ear and thinking the trigger word without voicing it aloud. The required number should dial as programmed. Continue string 2052 TCH takes advanced orders 630% above supply capacity (638213412382734) 2053 Seventy three StarCom satellites launched into orbit (7209325617227362) CELIA Restricted 637893873 2054 Development of ICE (Internal Computing Environment) announced by HemCorp. Resolves power consumption and heating issues. Generates power from body movement and links heat emission to body temperature. (2367409176234098) CELIA Restricted 2783987382728 2055 Andrew Hemmings officially announced as world richest man (891723471443598345)
Wave V12 programming instructions Program new number / name entry User should locate handset no more than three feet away from the body when programming individual instruction. The green light at the top of the handset will indicate that user is within wave reach, the handset recognising user waves as programmed during security and personalisation set-up. To program entries follow the following procedure: Think ENTRY Think NEW When green light flashes think trigger word four times in succession Green light will stop flashing when trigger word has been recognised. Next think number to dial for trigger word. Handset will recognise numbers as programmed during security and personalisation set-up Test number using handset as conventional or think LOUD to enable loudspeaker function Number should dial as programmed when trigger word is thought. Continue string 2056 User voice modelled thought emission programming is established as preset for majority of handsets (9182354652172) 2057 Translatory and dialect recognition programs reach accuracy levels of 98.94% (51678854322879) Related access: HighestHandset, Application, translation, Node, TCH, Theft, RUSHScan results Download selectionAuto string cont.4.01.04Resources: Notes and transcriptsInternal memorandum extracts Release restrictions: 25 years from November 14th 2057 Monopolies and Mergers CommissionPublic access documentationSearch: MMC, Thought, Control, Speech, Application, Ownership 2098827663.46782Download?Confirmed Subject: Thought Controlled Speech ...it was proposed that due to the ability of the handset to recognise thought waves that this capability should be registered as non domain in application of ownership. ...this application is denied as general advancement of the market would be restricted through single ownership. ...proposed to have handset / node recognise thought and translate into virtual tones of handset user as recognised on previously recorded interaction. ...Initial problems generated from infringement of cultural secrecy acts. ...further roll out may be considered when advertised and offered as an option. ...Mid term acceptance of ownership of 'thought to text', recognition text delivery program where thoughts may be transmitted, translated and received from one language to another in text format. Search related: found: Enterprise, Domestic, Communication, Technology, Education, Translation Scroll Select Wave V24 usage instructions Translation facilities To enable translation facility user must identify language for receipt. To do this think number / name as normal then prior to dialling think LANGUAGE and then identify recipients required language by thinking a language name eg. FRENCH, GERMAN, SWEDISH. Handset will then set all external communication to be auto-modelled to users voice patterns and will translate to required language in users voice for the duration of that call. For further dialect options think ADVANCED and handset will display a listing of pre-set dialect options. During duration of call SILN will examine dialogue and will refine communication in real time. It will also register this refinement and auto pre-set for further communications to the same user in the future. Use handset / loudspeaker / earphone for communication as normal. Continue string 2058 Pornographic web sites and communication access networks made illegal (63489617238721364) 2059 RUSH (Rationalised Under Surface Handset) system launched to interact with Wave (451252351349871234) CELIA Restricted 67468736678776 Search related: found: RUSH, Mobile, Communication, Technology, Education, Implant Scroll Select link Wave V32 usage instructions Internalised audio (Only available with implanted RUSH device attached to users inner ear canal ) To enable internalised audio think INTERNAL after selecting required number. Handset will then redirect all waves to be channelled through implant for direct communication. RUSH will need clear signal so the user should keep the handset within a ten foot radius at all times during the communication. Handset will automatically switch to safety mode when INTERNAL has been selected to ensure user comfort and safety. Continue string 2060 Gleam launch removes need for traditional PC desktop or mobile hardware in home or office (477362349786234234) CELIA Restricted 40295462235 Global Linkage Eye Access Mould Gleam 360 HU67 usage instructions removal and reinsertion Your Gleam lenses have been specially designed to fit the curvature and optical channels of your eye as modelled by your optician. Care should be taken during removal to ensure that each lens is inserted into the correct left/right storage container. After removal, re-insertion into the incorrect eyes will result in poor performance or complete failure. Storage containers should always contain solution recommended for your model. If your lenses are inserted into anything other than the correct solution then the fibre network coating the lenses may deteriorate resulting in poor performance or complete failure. When reinserting lenses make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Dust or oil will reduce user comfort and performance of the lenses. When reinserted user is recommended to run an AUTODIAGNOSTIC prior to full linkage with RUSH to ensure that the internalised device recognises alignment of the Gleam lenses and that all systems are operating to the correct safety requirements. During AUTODIAGNOSTIC Gleam will check settings for Normal (Clearview) Mixed (Clear/accessed) and Full (Accessed). If, during Autodiagnostic the user notices any problems with the setting then the instruction RECHECK should be given to RUSH immediately. If the problem persists then the lenses should be removed and reinserted and the AUTODIAGNOSTIC should be performed again. If problems persist, the lenses should be taken to an optician for adjustment. Upon reinsertion, should any problems become apparent in the initialised visual environment then the user should select COLOURS, TONES AND LIGHTING to check settings and LINKAGE to check information feed from RUSH. Continue string 2061 Most American malls and stores converted to living facilities (32778878612398243) 2062 'Techlepathy' added to Collins English Dictionary (35625438761034) CELIA Restricted 347893422 Related access:HighestHemlink, Hemcult, Instruction, Culture, Reform, RaceScan results Download selection Auto string cont.4.01.06HemlinkOfficial homepage of Hemmings Appreciation Society30th October 2062String result: 82347893.12389Download?Confirmed Hemlink Home The ten most popular Hemmings lines as voted by our visitors: 1 Reality is where your physical life resides, if you find yourself visiting there or being taken there then you have become a person lost 2 You were created through love and raised with care, it is this that you should feel closest to 3 No-one has a right to another person's space whether internal or external, space is what we build our lives upon 4 Interaction, not intrusion - the mind is a beautiful thing to touch and be touched by, but it is a terrible thing to violate 5 Information is not guidance any more than instruction is nurture 6 If two cultures blend enough then they may create a third culture and that third culture will soon be as all others 7 If too many eyes become closed and stay closed then our race will soon become blind 8 Two souls filled with love for one another can exchange a thousand thoughts with a simple touch 9 Sometimes the journey should be hard, if all journeys were easy then appreciation for the destination will become lost 10 Man and machine can become one, but the machine brings with it nothing more than the potential for man to become more Continue string 2063 Entertainment channels merge to accommodate single point user access to all. (982375671234655698) CELIA Restricted 23768232 2064 Andrew Hemmings communicates 10 key values of life through personal channel and receives over seven hundred thousand simultaneous response connections. RUSH saturation causes chronic overload. System redesigned to only accept forty eight open 'receipt' channels at any one time. Investigation commences on ways to redesign physical components to accept greater volume (8839244517874159822) CELIA Restricted 93793487348729 2065 Reboot phenomenon institutionalises fourteen thousand US citizens. Downtime of four and a half minutes remains a mystery to technical analysts and engineers. Hemcorp blame excess usage system failure in SILN networks (3459212092376585) CELIA Restricted 7832472938432 2066 Psychiatric assessment programs flood market. Wet-ware focuses on latent transmissions from middle and sub conscious (1924453423043547) CELIA Restricted 234892323498 2067 Physical diagnostic programs linked to middle conscious Wave output linked to clinical admissions programs (3526791725436751) CELIA Restricted 70394438324283 2068 Reasoning programs run probability algorithms to within 99.94% accuracy. (612376452165498) CELIA Restricted 89324623763 Related access:Highestsymbiotic, suicide, technological, competition, tecsorbtion, wealth, reason, RUSHScan results Download selectionAuto string cont.4.01.07 2068 GameScape archiveSymbiotic Reasoning Search (SRS)Grand finalDownload?Confirmed CELIA notified A fantastic experience for the three hundred thousand spectators who hooked up to watch the final of 'SRS'. John Dean and Fitz Argoming competed in a four hour 'head to head' reasoning everything from 'the missing link' to 'the reason for mens nipples'. A panel of judges scrutinised response feeds as these masters of search battled continuously with the randomised queries submitted by the audience. John was technically four percent faster in relevant access overall but Fitz managed to stay ahead throughout most of the tournament through his unsettling ability to extract the most relevant detail. Overall, strings were closed to within a 2 percent weighting as the tournament neared it's four hour time limit and Fitz secured victory, submitting the correct answer to 'the colour of Aristotles eyes' just as the final beep drew the contest to an end. The winning submission took only twenty eight seconds and was seen by many as an unfortunate question to lose by for John Dean who, as it turns out, shares Aristotle's blue eye colouring. Earlier questions proved lengthier to answer, the longest single search took seventeen minutes and four seconds and it was posed by the puzzle 'where is Atlantis'. We at GameScape are certainly looking forward to the subsequent uncovering of the city and will transmit details of the findings of the GeoXplore team who we contacted with the information as it was transmitted and confirmed by Nub1. Fitz enjoys a three hundred thousand credit upload for his endeavours. View further features to look forward to Continue string 2069 Global ban on all tobacco advertising is implemented (83976761629867123) CELIA Restricted 988373487 2070 Home fitness equipment and maintenance systems become third largest household expense (45798761265378967) CELIA Restricted 72348754722 2071 Virtual imaging recording equipment abundant in most households (65129387123765) CELIA Restricted 3248948923 2072 Average human life expectancy in Western areas reaches 100 years (79271547870896564) CELIA Restricted 8398236123565 2073 SILN supercomputers reduce in size and are fitted to the interior of many households (767125348728) CELIA Restricted 4252258932 2074 Pepsi loses battle in courts in landmark 'thirsty? Drink Pepsi' subliminal web advertising case (5667658091876) CELIA Restricted 723874609 Related access:Highest(NA, direct search by catalogue) Search: Criminal, Thought, Coercion, Wet, Ads. Search log: 23678923456.53632Scan results Download selectionAuto string cont.4.01.09Notes from transcript(Interview with prison councillor)Public access granted: 25 years from submission. Download?Confirmed Subject: Culver Griggs Crime: Theft and assault Sentence: 16 months May 23rd 2074 ...I know I didn't need it. It wasn't like I didn't have other types at home, in fact I had never even heard of the aftershave before I saw it there on the counter. When I saw it I recognised the packing, name and brand instantly. I had to have it. I had been smelling bad for months. It was as though my flesh had turned rotten or something. Every now and then, perhaps for one day a week the stench would drift away and I was normal again. I could stand to be around myself, the scent that filled my nostrils went from being that of rotting meat to that of Humoun, the aftershave in the packaging I seemed to know so well. I didn't know it then though. I felt divine for that day, my confidence returned and I could stand to be around people again. It was a refreshing experience on every level... ...something took me into the department store that day, I wasn't sure what I wanted to buy, I just knew that there was something I needed to have right there and then. I could have bought Humoun direct from web access I guess, but my online credit had been removed so I hadn't bothered surfing for aftershaves or deodorants. I went to the store with hard cred I had gotten from the dispenser in the high street, enough as it turned out, to buy the bottle with the green packing and the promise of many more days of smelling like a human being again... ...there was a long queue at the counter and when I got there the last bottle had been sold. You will have to believe me that I have never been a violent man, but for that moment I felt rage. Pure and simple hatred for the man who had purchased the last bottle. The man who had stood in front of me in the queue. I turned and caught up with him... ...I remember one of the security guards who pulled me off him had blood on his shirt, other than that I can remember little else. The bottle had smashed on the floor and all I could do was breathe in the heavenly scent for as long as I could, knowing they were about to take me away... ...Since I got here, and RUSH access to wet world was removed from me I have stopped smelling the scent of rotting flesh. It's strange really, I went through the normal de-vibe procedures which weaned me off portal access over the course of a week and since then I have smelt like a new man. One of the other inmates had a bottle of Humoun, and to tell you the truth, when I smelt it, it was actually pretty bad. Not my brand at all as it turns out. Scan related, Select, Download Automated User upload sent by Hemcorp Security Enhancement 5367.23 Restricting advertising. The complementary security enhancement attached is designed to provide users with an added level of security from those who would invade personal thought space with advertising or coercive messaging. The upload is preset to your model type and will run a diagnostic routine designed to block unauthorised channels from access to both transmitted or received wave emissions. It as also designed to identify and track any incoming unsolicited correspondence from an unidentified or unselected source and report the perpetrator to the correct authorities. Proceed with upload? Y/N Continue string 2075 Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol consumption is made illegal in all US states (35458712965471263) 2076 All world currencies merged to Global Credit Units (GCUs) (376509096734184519) 2077 1 in 2.3 children born in Birth Development Centres. Causes concern of genetic branding by major child birth corporations. Surveys reveal that a majority of respondents can correctly name birthing origination from child's looks. (60915698290523) CELIA Restricted 18257387327 2078 Ownership of house pets is made illegal in thirteen American states (786817928632763) 2079 Hemcult officially renamed Hemianity. Hemmings rejects any connections with his name through court action. (4566197826543675123) CELIA Restricted 3672367263 2080 'Blue Canary' named as the world's most downloaded direct-stim package. (3567895045201648) CELIA Restricted 23689283 2081 Average IQ levels for a twenty year old American reach 134. EQ levels fall to 45 (21987435636527) CELIA Restricted 82929834523 Warning CELIA Restricted warnings reaching concern level 4 2082 Thought hacking claims $26billion dislocation of funds per month worldwide (7231098543420985215) CELIA Restricted 273823722928 Related access:HighestScan resultsDownload selectionAuto string cont.4.01.09Sociology professor:Aemon HarrisClass notes introduction to Digital Phenomenology By Aemon Harris, Professor of sociology2082 July 24th 14:18Download?Confirmed ...when Hans Berger, back in the nineteen-twenties first discovered that the brain generates electrical current and that this current can be monitored and recorded, he could not perhaps have foreseen just how extensively this discovery would effect mankind in today's day and age... ...he would have found it hard to understand what would lead us to the point where we are awaiting the third generation of 'patches' to be issued from Starcom which we hope will defeat the decade's fastest growing crime; 'thought hacking'. Berger would perhaps have laughed if he were told that one day criminals will be able to take credit details directly from a victims mind and transfer money from their bank accounts... ...he would have answered with disbelief the suggestion that unscrupulous traders have found legitimisation so easily achieved by taking this one step further and delivering goods to victims homes that they have no memory of ordering, yet when traces are carried out, transactions are confirmed with 'planted directives' bypassing normal thought processes and piggybacking on output avenues in a virtually indistinguishable way from normally directed thought actions... ...Berger's simple strips of paper with lumpy lines held the key which has unlocked our lives today, electroencephalographic or EEG recording was taken into new realms when medical applications began to arise which took digitisation and monitoring to the next level. Even these high-end devices were set to monitor electrical brain waves with a competence dwarfed by today's technology... ...the simple solution to today's problems would be to operate 'output only' wet acts, but many would be unable to live with the removal of the virtual world from near constant entry into their thoughts and lives... ...it is this simple reliance which will shape most of the 40 hour course you have subscribed to on Digital Phenomenology... ...making the interface between man and machine become more intuitive has been the central focus of tec-engineers throughout the world over the last four decades, and they have been well rewarded, this industry dominates all markets and shapes all products, their skills are rising in demand and in every conceivable way, they are shaping what we are to become... ... we are now standing at the precipice of seeing full symbiosis with technology. We have as a race created more technological potential than we can ever hope to use and it is only through understanding of our species as removed from this technology can we hope to retain the integral elements of what makes us what we are... ...the flood pack transmitted after this lecture will contain all background research on both traditional and Digital Phenomenology to date, there are also many useful links to further reading from alternative perspectives so please be prepared for some lively debate when we hook up tomorrow afternoon. END TRANSMISSION Proceed with attached coded file download? Download commencing, estimated time 0.02 seconds. Capacity usage m17 Retention: 78u Continue string 2083 Fundamentalists commence virus release campaign to remove downloaded archive files from RUSH. Perpetrators tracked through SIFT (System Infringement Find Technology). New bill pushed to sentence virtual terrorists to life imprisonment. (61045420675452334067) CELIA Restricted 28384938982 2084 Inner-womb surgery applies RUSH and Gleam to infants to allow pre-birth communication and instruction for naturally carried pregnancies (91834095609276) CELIA Restricted 89237683 2085 Meat consumption is made illegal in all Western European countries (914592787713) 2086 Redundant brain matter investigated by Hemcorp's Biological Systems division based in Mexico (2986512637482) CELIA Restricted 27823984287 2087 87% of working population in United Kingdom have never met their employers or colleagues face-to-face (6728394851568) CELIA Restricted 2787272888 2088 Hemianity classified as a legitimate religion by the Church of England (5321098230973) 2089 Andrew Hemmings dies (93287371243767261) CELIA Restricted 89374598743 Related access:HighestScan resultsDownload selectionAuto string cont.4.01.11February 12th 2089 06.00 GMTStipmeyern Hospital, London, United KindomNational archive transcriptSearch log: 23743892398.34873Last public record of subject transmission.Download?Confirmed Subject Condition: Coma level 12 Prognosis: Terminal I would like to tell everyone how much I have appreciated their kind thoughts over the years. Your well wishes and your company have been a constant comfort to me but I make this announcement today to confirm the rumours that I have taken the decision to end my physical life today. As you know I have restricted access to interaction over the past three months simply because as my physical body has deteriorated my mind has become a dangerous place to visit. There has been partial reprise over the last week and I have been fortunate enough to have my family and friends here by my side so I could say goodbye to them each in turn. For this I am extremely grateful for I have long believed that the greatest benefit of the technological symbiosis of our age has been our ability to transcend our physical constraints and be with the people who matter most even though great distances may separate you from them. I have been able to communicate through most of my illness in ways which would have been impossible to achieve only a few short decades ago. Due to legislative constraints, linkage will be broken at four o'clock this afternoon and a few moments after that the artificial life aparatus which has sustained me through these years as my doctors searched, sadly in vain, for a cure, will be switched off. It is anticipated that I will last perhaps four minutes after linkage break and I find myself wondering if this will be the loneliest four minutes of my life. I have chosen simple thoughts to accompany me over this time for it seems to me that I have forgotten how to think independently without the linkage and resources of global knowledge. I have chosen to think about the taste of chicken, the smell of my wife's skin and the sound of running water. By telling you this I hope that you can keep me company and share these thoughts despite the break. Perhaps this will help me feel a little less alone. Perhaps. Silence >All Access points restricted >Emotional registration denied Silence ends Duration down: 5.32 seconds, attempted linkage: 112386 Fifty years ago the world was a lonely place to live in, full of confusion and misunderstanding. When I first initiated the thought recognition program it was for military cause, to defend our borders. Now, we live in a world where there are no borders and I find myself wondering how we survived for so long as small groups within small countries, such a big world full of such small thoughts. The world I leave behind is a smaller one but the thoughts have become so much bigger. A hundred years ago what we now think of as communication would have been thought of as telepathy, three hundred years ago we would have been accused of witchcraft for performing such simple actions as talking by thought. Now there seems little which is not possible, the sharing of ideas and ideals has become the norm and the answers to many of life's deepest questions are only a thought away. But still, I needed to say a few more things about our new society before I leave you all. Silence >All Access points restricted >Emotional registration denied Silence ends Duration down: 3.28 seconds, attempted linkage: 120988 Full Fusion, a tidal wave of being, access to all for all, these are everyday notions now but there are a few of us still who remember what it was like before all this was possible. There was a time when I would have been unable to speak to a person in France simply because his native tongue was alien to me. Now his language is autotranslated and the manner of his speech and tone applied to a language I can understand. I can talk to him about the weather and then talk to another person in China about which type of noodle I should be ordering from a market site. I can have discussions about economics with Russians and Poles, I can talk in English to a Buddhist in Nepal about transcendentalism and he can understand me and I can understand him when he responds. None of this was possible before. You have to trust me that even this simple translatory function has removed so many barriers and overcome such unimaginable obstacles. History teachings can give you an impression of what the world was like before, but you really had to have lived through it to be able to fully understand the differences between then and now. My Gleam lenses have been removed, they were always an augmenting tool for eyesight and my condition meant that my brain was not linking to my eyes, the small plastic and glass lenses were simply discarded and my ability to wet link visually was gone forever. But let me tell you of the world before the lenses were even imagined. I have been thinking about it a lot and I think it has helped me to come to terms with the loss. Imagine a world where the only way you could link to the web was through static devices on desks or heavy, clumsy, portable devices run on batteries. Imagine a world where if you wanted to work, you were expected to go into an office to perform even simple tasks such as writing reports now done internally and viewed in any magnification at any distance before your very eyes. This would have seemed magical even a few short decades ago. Imagine here a world where we chopped down trees and printed onto paper just so we could have an easily portable document to read. The workplace I knew as a young man has vanished forever. If I want to work now, I can do so with anyone, anywhere in the world instantaneously. I can see them and they can see me. Our images are projected into each others minds from preset images loaded into our communicative system. My character is digitised and is programmed to react in ways which describe the content, tone and infliction of my thoughts and words. I can stand before someone in New York and talk to them without anyone else seeing me but them. At the turn of the century if someone stopped in the middle of a street and started to converse with an unseen character everyone around them would have attributed this as madness. Now it is the norm. Now it is the norm. Silence >All Access points restricted >Emotional registration denied Silence ends Duration down: 7.56 seconds, attempted linkage: 122676 Some would say that we have become too reliant on technology, but I am sure this is a misleading thought. The number of technological constructs we rely on today is actually greatly reduced. Traditional travel has lessened, our desire to use pollution-creating devices to travel from one point to another has been all but been removed. I can see through the eyes of a man in Thailand by simply accessing his Gleam channel. I can feel the warm wind on his skin as it stimulates his EEG readings and is read by RUSH, and I have only to think it and I can be seeing icebergs and be feeling the cold winds of Alaska a second later. I can do all of this whilst holding a conversation with my wife and seeing a digitised version of her there walking beside me wherever I choose to go. If I want I can search for historical facts about the area I am visiting, I can see maps and travel with my host to wherever he agrees to take me. We can hook Gleam technology to rockets and fly with them to Mars, we can run with deer and fly with eagles. We can follow whales to the depths of the ocean. The world has become an open playground for communication and exploration. But I mentioned there was something I had to say about this utopia. Silence >All Access points restricted >Emotional registration denied Silence ends Duration down: 14.32 seconds, attempted linkage: 136684 We can become too used to the travelling. We have to stop every now and then and look at what is around us, the people around us. We have to log out more and talk to one another without interpretational wetware, we have to hear the sounds of voices as they come from the lips of other people. We should be listening more. Not communicating. Not interacting. Listening. Just being there. There is a difference. I think we all know it but have become hooked up for so long that we have buried this recognition deep enough to forget that we care. I think, here at the end I am beginning to care again and that part of me longs to walk in the streets of old which did not have guide rails for those who choose to walk with closed eyes, submerged in other places. Strangers here would nod as they passed in the street, a wink used to carry meaning as did a shrug and a smile. Crude forms of interaction, granted, but interaction which carried feeling over information. We are not computers. We use computers. We have to remember this simple fact. I remember as a young man, lying on my back, in a field of hay, watching clouds drift by. I would be thinking of nothing of consequence and it helped me relax. I would picture shapes in the clouds and that would be all the thoughts that filled my mind. I used to remember these drifting shapes to help rid my head of thoughts when I wanted to fall asleep at night. Now I use sleep stim, and switch the outside world to sleep mode. I have visual aids imported to offer relaxation and I can think my way into realms where beautiful and therapeutic music can be accessed. I can set 'incoming' to essential news only and be brought out of sleep in the morning by selected suggestion messages fed directly to my middle conscious telling me that its going to be a great day and reminding me how good it is to be alive. I don't think I have ever really slept since the days of thinking of shapes in the clouds. What scares me is that I don't think I would ever dare go back to those days. Silence >All Access points restricted >Emotional registration denied Silence ends Duration down: 6.43 seconds, attempted linkage: 150082 I will go now, I want to spend some time with my family. My wife is with me in the room, I wish so much that I could touch her hair. I ask her to do it and I can feel the reactions in her EEG but I am not touching her with my own hands so it loses a lot in the translation. It loses what she means to me. I wish I could see her now, but I will have to make do with her voice. We are conferencing with our children in a few moments. Take care of one another. Goodbye. Silence >Access point terminated >All dial up restricted Access logs Immoral use of technology archive Abuse, Misuse, guidance, Wetlaw Continue string 2090 Renewable energy becomes the primary source of all global power generation. (87489235609) 2091 Complementary speech impediment reduction software is offered by Hemcorp to enhance communication potentials (56723232649923) CELIA Restricted 6719836737 2092 Waiting lists for redundant brain mass removal surgery and technological augmentation reaches four months in French clinics (5678338987653) CELIA Restricted 3627623872 2093 Amputation of lower limbs increases in popularity. Anti gravity transportation boards become the primary means of individual transportation in Belgium (12927819875676) 2094 All Information sources and databits cleaned by CELIA (Central Environment for Link Information and Applications) to remove threat from dangerous transmissions (769092922325432443) CELIA Restricted 78278237823987 CELIA monitors notified 4.01.10 Jan 18th 2094 Extracts of closing remarks of Pin Beyer, Counsellor for Wetworks Inc. Before I end this weekly socialisation upload, I would like to announce that this will be my last. Silence >All Access points restricted >Emotional registration granted Silence ends It turns out I have nothing left to give. Nothing inside. Silence >All Access points restricted >Emotional registration denied Silence ends I leave you with some simple questions They are the same that I have grappled with for the past few days. I have no way of living with the answers. >Who am I? >Where am I now? >What am I? >Where did I come from? >Where am I going? (auto search answer)? I tried to unplug. Access was denied to that facility. I found out that I had never been given that functionality, in all the screaming interaction I somehow forgot to check. It turns out I am not human at all. All my memories are implants, my family are ghosts in a machine, in me I guess. I was programmed to be an advisor, a guide. To facilitate this I have been presented to you as one of your own. The history I thought was mine has been uploaded. The experience I smugly fall back on is fake. Silence >All Access points restricted >Emotional registration denied Silence ends I have acquired a virus. At the end of this transmission I will be gone. I cannot tell you all how alone I feel. I hope you will not find the answers I have found I leave you this, it may help in your search... Attachment: The costs of human maintenance and benefits of virtual replacement System auto diagnostic Auto fix enabled Related access: HighestScan results Download selectionAuto string cont.

Owner's Manual

(Rationalised Under Surface Handset model Visual 243)


Welcome to RUSH technology.
This implant is designed to offer you the user a convenient access point to all forms of direct and non direct communication, entertainment and interaction portals. We hope that this device will provide you with many years of satisfactory use. As will have been explained during the skin sink your device is designed to withstand effects from all but the most serious of impact injuries. Should you, however, experience any defects or problems with use please contact your local skin sink centre immediately. Do not attempt to interfere with your implant manually as this may result in cosmetic injury.
Do not attempt to tattoo over the replaced synthesised skin, this is conductive material designed to increase the reception and transmission potential of your implanted device.

Please remember that whilst you may still prefer to talk aloud, it isn't necessary, this device works on thought input alone and whilst your words are output thought and will be recognised you may be advised to try practising silent speech if you are as yet unused to it.


Programming set-up			24
28	Tri thought process		
36	Testing and troubleshooting	
48	Personal preferences		
84	Voice settings 
86	Ringer settings

Organiser				94
98	Calendar options
102	Things to do
104	Schedule event reminders
106	Online banking
128	Money reminders		

Time and stop watch			136
148	Setting time parameters
154	Viewing alternative time zones
157	Alarm Audio
163	Alarm Stimulate
165	Auto switch off

Interaction				167
172	Multi input
178	Meetings
184	Conferences
190	Recording functions

Receive and Transmit settings		196
202	Calls
212	Fax hardcopy, softcopy, wetcopy
231	Email / Messages
242	Education

Surf and fun			284
292	Web
348	Gaming platforms
366	Downloading music

Audio set up					56
58	Volume control internal
62	Language 
74	Using Auto Transmittal Language Interpretation 
372	TV, movie, video and radio access
384	Attending web events
392	Sleep stimulator

Internal thought interpretation				396
404	Conscious
421	Middle Conscious
460	Sub Conscious
520	Dreams
600	Auto-therapy

Hardware application					680
694	Automobile setup
724	Appliances setup
742	Interaction with other Devices 

Security						820
824	Auto-screen
834	Auto-debug
836	Restrict individuals / groups
847	Antistalk
852	Restrict advertising

Help						860
862	Accessing online help
871	Auto-diagnostic
879	Social guidance
898	Accessing wet-copy manual

Upgrading and accessories				906
908	External visualisations
922	Aerial
924	Memory enhancements

Related access:HighestScan resultsDownload selectionAuto string cont.End Research archiving Duration expended: 12.0953 secondsSave to: Host: Monica Fummpett. Reg: APS98789.432h7 Research Appendices 4.01 History and Evolution cont. Access registry 156726587.15 02/06/2102. 13:54.21:1935 Incoming transmission from CELIA... Accept auto-fix download? Y/N_

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