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A Daughter's Revenge
by Jenene Fears

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There was a girl I once knew who always had a crush every week. One time it was a professor, another time it was her boss, she even had a crush on my dad. She's an easy lay, so every crush became a lover. I knew about the teacher, her boss, and a few of the others because she often left me notes in my dorm room. I found out about my dad because of the way he acted around me. I didn't appreciate the fact that she went after my dad, and so the plot begins.

The day before all this happened, I was reading another note she had left behind. My dad called and asked if I was coming by tomorrow, and I told him of course. Every time I go home to visit, my friend comes also; I believe it's because she's so attached. We're more like one person, you could say.

When we arrived he was so excited! He took us shopping and also out to dinner. When we got back home I was exhausted, so my friend and I went up to my room. She talked about the night while I took my medicine and got ready for bed. She told me she wasn't sleepy and so she stayed up while I slept.

The next morning I went downstairs for breakfast and told Dad told me he was sorry and that he was drunk last night. I was so confused that I didn't know what to say but, What? He explained everything to me and all I could do was cry and tell him that I was sorry too. I left that instant to pack my things to leave. That's when I saw the note. When everything was gathered I left without another word to my father. All types of questions ran through my mind as I drove.

Now I sit here in my dorm room contemplating my next move. I will never let him do this again. She will never hurt me like this again. She has ruined my reputation! I can't have boyfriends, my boss thinks I'm a whore as well as everyone on campus. I guess I will show them all, then they will be able to tell us apart!

The news clipping stated that it was the worst suicide case they had ever known or seen. It read:

"...A girl that was only nineteen years old took her life in the most brutal of ways. She was found unrestrained on a sawing table cut completely in half. The doctors say she was dead before her head was cut open, and that she had overdosed on her prescription for her multiple personality disorder. There were two pieces of paper stapled to each side of her chest with the words "me" on one and "her" on the other..."

After reading this article in the newspaper, her father shot himself in the head. Till this day, no one knows why his note read, "I'm sorry."

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