King of Games XIII
Sunday 24 March 2019


King of Games trophy

Will your name be engraved on the King of Games trophy?

Welcome to the thirteenth annual King of Games tournament, the ultimate test of guile and gamesmanship.

Do you enjoy board games, card games, pub games and party games? Do you think you're pretty good? Now's your chance to prove it. Enter now.

A fun, friendly, competitive day

Entrants compete in four categories until an overall winner prevails and is declared the King or Queen of Games. Their name is engraved on the coveted trophy, which they can take home and proudly display - until next year!

Even if you don't get the top title, there are plenty of other titles and medals up for grabs. And lots of board game prizes.

This year's tournament will be held on Sunday 24 March from 12:30pm till 7:30pm in the Dogstar in Brixton.

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