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The Lady By The Pond
by Robert Copple

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I was with my Dad, he was doing a welding job for a friend of his from work. We were at his friend's house, out in the piney woods of South Jersey. It was summer time and I didn't have anything to keep my mind occupied. Dad's friend suggested I go down to the pond and go swimming. I was all for the idea and immediately headed for the pond. At my arrival, I was taken aback by the sight of a beautiful woman sitting on the bank. She looked over at my embarrassment and gave me a big smile. I was twelve years old, I think I fell in love the first minute I saw her. She was around twenty-three years old and wearing a tight black one piece revealing swim suit. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I awkwardly gave her my best hello and tried to explain why I was there and who I was. She just kept smiling and suggested I try the water. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as I jumped into the pond. I wondered how someone could leave a woman this pretty alone on such a hot and humid day. After paddling around for awhile, I finally got the courage to get closer to her for a better look. She had wonderful long auburn hair, eyes that melted my courage, and long smooth legs. Her shape made me stutter as I tried to speak with her. She was enjoying the moment, she spoke in a soft comforting way, always with that alluring smile. After awhile, she slipped into the water and began swimming around; finally she swam over to me, continuing her sultry conversation. We paddled around for some time, I don't know how long, I hoped I was being nice. She swam to the edge, climbed out of the water and announced that she had to leave. The sight of her climbing out and the thought of her departing made me wonder why I felt the way I did. In a second, she was gone; I tried to follow, but she disappeared before I could see where she went. When I returned to where my Dad and his friend were, I kept looking around for that woman, but she was gone. The men were talking with each other about the welding. Dad's friend asked me if I enjoyed the swim with his wife. I muttered that I did and looked away. Both men laughed in a knowing way, continuing their conversation, saying that it was now time for Dad and me to return home. They shook hands and said goodbye, then we headed for our truck. As we rode away, I kept looking back, hoping to get another glimpse of that long legged beauty. I was very quiet on the ride home, lost in the new feelings that were running through my head.

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