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Anthology of Poems
by Charles Sundt

Sonnet pour Aline

My heart was born before my mind
It guided me through dreams and fears
It ruled my life for simple years
I followed it, but then in time

My mind said it was more divine
It showed me science, dried my tears
And made me jealous of my peers
Conformity kept me in line

Then suddenly it changed
When I met you my heart
And mind were rearranged
I stopped playing my part
And lived for you, my angel
With a soul of art


You are forever in my dreams.
However, recently it seems
That you are never there for me;
These dreams are not reality.

We may be forced to drain the seas,
Put out the stars or cure disease;
We will defeat Fortune and fear;
But now, I simply want you near.


I'm playing a game
Between laughter and pain
I'm thinking out moves
It's losses and gains

I'm trying to win
I want to fit in
Everyone smiles
If I say the right thing

I won you my sweet
And I didn't cheat
So now you are mine
Accept your defeat

It's good luck and skill
If I want to fulfil
Expectations and trust
And everyone's will

It's a way to kill time
Pretending I'm fine
I made up the rules
So the game should be mine

I'm a pawn in this state
If you're happy that's great
I'm happy too
Until it's check mate


Infinity abruptly ends.

Destruction overthrows the prize
Of freedom from beneath our eyes;
Now we must pay for our pretence.
The reason that this darkness rends

Lamentably across our lives
On this sad day, is simply lies.
Vacuity becomes present:
Emptiness, it will not mend.

You lied now we will pay the price
Of losing love, for I despise.
Undying love now prematurely ends.

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