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Thailand Whore
by Charles Sundt

Jack and Jill went up the hill
    To fetch a Thailand whore
The go-go bars were not too far
    You wouldn't believe what they saw
Dusky maidens, razor blades
    It left them with a trau-ma
But Jack was quick when one felt his dick
    He knew he wanted more
Jill, the bitch, said, "scratch your itch
    And get a fucking whore"
The meat was nice and cheaply priced
    A captivating lure
So they agreed, though it was seedy
    A prossie each to gore
Jack and Jill both paid the bill
    And led them through the door
Jill and Jack then took them back
    To their hotel room floor
But Jack abstained, for he complained
    His girlfriend would be sore
Jill too stayed chaste, they couldn't face
    To break the fucking law
They had a talk, the hookers walked
    Then Jack and Jill got bored
"I'm bored," said Jack, "so let's go back
    To fetch another whore!"

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