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The Eyes
by Tarrie Murray

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His eyes were glued to the TV. Literally. Holly glued them there the other night after he kept ignoring her. It didn't matter if it was football or the Sci-Fi channel, he was always staring at the thing.

"Honey, letís go out to dinner," she said to him.

"Don't talk to me while I am watching the Game, Princess." His eyes never left the screen.

"We haven't been to dinner for a while. Letís go!" she answered him, hoping that he would agree.

A commercial came on and she muted the television.

There he was. Watching a stupid commercial.

"Princess, don't do that. I ENJOY the commercials too," he said.

"I just want to talk to you about dinner," Holly whined.

She was tired of whining. She whined to him all the time. She wanted his attention.

A voice in her head spoke softly to her.

"Do it. You have to if you want to have more time with him."

Holly used to argue with the voice, but not anymore. Tonight she decided to listen to it.

"Go into the kitchen," it whispered.

"How come you have a Spanish accent?" she inquired of the voice.

The voice didn't reply at first.

"I don't have a Spanish accent." The voice didn't sound very convincing.

"You do. You have a Spanish accent. I just thought it was kind of strange. That's all," she said to her voice.

"Look in the kitchen," it said.

"Where?" she asked.

"In that drawer where you keep all the weird utensils."

Holly opened the drawer to the left of the oven.

"OK, now what?"

"Take that one pointy looking thing out of the drawer."

She picked it up. She barely remembered what it was for. "I think this went with a Fondue Set I got when we were first married," she said to the voice.

"Whatever," it answered.

She took it into the living room and there he was. Her husband. Asleep and snoring on the floor. He always fell asleep when he watched television. If she tried to change the channel he would wake up and holler at her. She was sick of it.

"Do it," the voice said.

Holly stabbed him in the eye with the Fondue Fork. He screamed and pushed himself off the floor. He tried to grab at her, but his eye was bleeding so badly that he really couldn't see.

"Finish the job," the voice said to her.

"You know, you are awfully bossy for a voice in my head," Holly yelled at it.

Her husband looked scared, but she couldn't let that bother her.

He lunged at her and she quickly jumped out of the way.

"You imbecile!" her voice hollered at her. "Where did you put the knock out drug I told you to purchase?"

"It's hidden in my bedroom," she answered him.

"Get it! Get it!" it screamed at her. The voice seemed even thicker with its accent.

She ran to her bedroom, her husband close behind her.

"You bitch! I always knew you were crazy."

"God this hurts," she heard him say, and she slammed the bedroom door on his face. She quickly locked it and rummaged at the bottom of her closet for the drug.

He pounded and kicked at the door.

"I found the drug!" she laughed, "but I need something to pour it on."

Holly heard the door crack. He was going to be in the room any second. Then she saw her panties that she had just tossed to the floor last night, when she changed. These will just have to do, she thought to herself.

Just then the door banged open and there he was. He was enraged. Actually enraged didn't even begin to explain what she saw on his face.

His bloody eyeball hung out of the socket.

He hurled himself at her, but she was prepared. She had been prepared for months. She jumped out of the way, and luckily he tripped and fell against the bed.

Holly took that opportunity to place her panties over his nose. She had already soaked them with the drug.

He tried to pull them off, but not for long. It was too late. He passed out.

"Finish the job, Chica," the voice stated.

Holly did as she was told.

She had both eyes balls now.

She sat back and examined her work.

I did a pretty good job, she thought to herself.

Then she went to the garage where she had stashed a gurney just for this moment. Somehow she always knew she was going to need it.

Holly pulled him onto the gurney, and then dragged him to the car. Damn. He weighed close to 200 pounds and she was around 120 pounds. She opened up the opposite door and pulled him through. She looked at him. He looked kind of weird without his eyes. Maybe I should have put his sunglasses on him, she thought. But it didn't really matter now, she had accomplished the main thing she wanted to do. She turned the radio on, and to her surprise and utter delight, the song, I will Survive was on the radio. She turned it up and sang happily along to it word for word.

She drove to the hospital. She felt calmer than she thought she would have. It felt really good to set a goal and achieve it.

"I am proud of you, Little one," the voice said.

As she drove she noticed that the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and her plastic Jesus was bopping to the music with her.

She saw the sign that stated that Our Mother of Saints, Hospital and emergency room was the next exit. She turned her right blinker on to signal she was exiting the freeway.

She was here. She kept to her plan.

She raced in as if in a panic and parked awkwardly at a strange angle to show just how upset she was.

Holly hurriedly jumped out of the car and ran to the emergency room sliding glass doors. She caught a glimpse of herself in the glass.

I looked horrified, she thought. Good.

As she reached the sliding doors to the emergency room, she started screaming. She screamed so loud that staff from all over came running. One of the nurses ran out to the car, and then gasped.

"Oh my God, his eyes"

"I don't know how it happened. I don't know! I just found him like this," Holly sobbed to the staff, as she burst into tears and collapsed on the emergency room floor.

Hours later, she was finally home. He was still in the hospital. She had his eyes. Beautiful blue eyes too. She liked how they looked glued to the TV. They looked at home.

"Good Job," the voice said.

"Thanks," she answered.

"How come the voice in my head has a Spanish accent?" she asked it once again.

It didn't answer her for a good 3 minutes, and then it said:

"I don't."

Holly sighed.

His eyes looked so handsome glued to the television. So pretty.

The microwave oven dinged, and she went to get her TV dinner. Tonight they were going to watch Titanic.

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