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Release * Autumn * Africa Jam * Fulfilling Potential


The clouds fall away and hurry time
As this day of light and bright
Is replaced by distraction, then calm.

I unfold myself onto these pillows.
Reality is incessant but slowing,
Making my ears misunderstand suggestive sounds.

As my eyelids are weak and gasping for rest,
So my pulse echoes throughout my hollow body.
And my mind has gone to vivid glimmering fields of fiction.


To supplement the corner of the year
With joy from summer past
And future Christmas cheer.
When all is going, gone
Or nowhere near.
And vacuous attempts
At being happy to be here
So drag me through this corner of the year
And bring me out the other side.

Africa Jam

I danced for centuries and miles last night.
In richest gorgeous numbing of good sense,
I left my reservations back at home.

The voice rejoices, humming in my guts,
Replacing maths with rapture. I became
A juicy, floozy masterpiece possessed.

And when it stopped I lost my will to move.
The sudden dullness slapped me till it stung.
I suffered aching legs and breaking joints.

But only sounds so satisfying work,
Escapism is fleeting, and I find
It's rare that I can truly lose my mind.

Fulfilling Potential

Give reverence to birth. A split second of chance
Penetrates everyone, just to exude and form
We ignorant children of consciousness.

Keepers of all hours and days and decades
With the scars of living patterning our backs
As infinite circles on naked skin.

But we are all containers for delight.
Glowing channels of liquid lightening sear
Throughout this delicate, fragile frame.

So sigh with joy bright as burning stars,
Who smile as we yawn with satisfaction
In their complete, unadulterated sunshine.

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