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NEW! Twists and Turns - Alex's parents leave Africa for the first time to attend his wedding, but there are some things he hasn't told them; by Kayode Raphael Adegboye (3 pages)

Rewards NEW! Rewards - Mike Florian's salty sea story about a fisherman's biggest catch (5 pages)

NEW! Adam's Family - Mike Florian's amusing story about a boy who takes an interest in taxidermy (2 pages)

NEW! Fish Hell - Paul Silverman's account of a Cape Cod dinner party, largely from the perspective of the main dish (4 pages)

NEW! The Prophet - Rory Allen's cross-cultural pilgrimage to the tomb of the prophet Job (4 pages)

NEW! Joan - Fred Weightwatch's indignant reaction to a bad review of a BBC Radio 3 play, by Thomas Baines (3 pages)

NEW! The Rise and Decline of the Newlander System - Harry MacDonald's thinly veiled and amusingly opinionated history of US politics (6 pages)

NEW! Almost a Murder Story - Edward McWhinney's atmospheric tale of Irish schoolboys plotting revenge against a bully (3 pages)

NEW! The Bishop's Claw - Stella Abbott's description of what happened when Bishop Jones looked after a friend's cat (2 pages)

NEW! Bees (The Rumor) - Bees portend a dangerous rumour, by Robert Copple (2 pages)

NEW! Easter Sunday - Robert Copple's surreal flash about a shocking Easter Sunday (1 page)

The Boxer's Lament The Boxer's Lament - Sarah tells the story of growing up in Maine with her ageing uncle, formerly one of the world's greatest boxers; by Ben Woestenburg (14 pages)

Home on the Sierra Madre - Sigfredo R. Iñigo's fascinating story about a poor Filipino farmer boy and the land he comes to love; won first prize in the English short story category of the 59th Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, the Philippines' most prestigious and longest running literary contest (8 pages)

Temptation - An extract from Lawrence L. Lapin's upcoming book Super Virus: Immortal Sins about a lecturer, Adam, who is testing an immortality virus on himself (5 pages)

A Bullet for the Nation - A super-spy receives an assassination mission that conflicts with his conscience, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyeama (5 pages)

The Ladies' Man - Colin's boss, Sidney, sets up a very awkward encounter with Colin's ex; by Thomas Baines (8 pages)

The Tailor As Vishnu - Avanti Kumar's odd Indian fable about a tailor who poses as a god (5 pages)

Untitled 2505 Untitled 2505 - Dan Gilbert's character leads a sheltered but happy life, until... (3 pages)

Leonora the Great - Paul Silverman's tantalisingly quirky tale of a chef with fattening fantasies (4 pages)

The Vampire & The Dentist - Count Omar Oloff has sampled the blood of too many people with sugary diets, and ends up with a toothache; by Jerry Crews (7 pages)

The Pool - Rachel Vickers hopes to swim for a gold at the 2012 Olympics, but her dreams are put at risk when she loses her pool and her coach - and things get worse from there; by Anthony R Mackie (7 pages)

Windfall - Derek "Del Boy" Walsh is about to have the poker game of his life, by Anthony R Mackie (5 pages)

The First Stone The First Stone - Isaac Attah Ogezi's damning account of hypocrisy and feminine oppression arising from the application of Sharia law in a fictional Nigerian state (16 pages)

That Which Is Without Words - Marissa reminisces and remembers a lost childhood gift for heightened empathy, by Brian Joseph (4 pages)

Less Than A Bump and A Grind - Delaine Wiszniak's humorous short about a woman with high expectations for her latest sexual conquest (2 pages)

A Daughter Remembers - Brenda Powell's memento mori for her mother (1 page)

Carolyn's Quest Carolyn's Quest - Carolyn finds her aunt's village sinister, and it seems that she is not welcome, but she must complete her quest; by Lucy Thomas (6 pages)

The Official Secrets Act - Thomas Baines just can't help boasting about his secrets in this irreverent comedy (4 pages)

Wasted - Detective Inspector Bextor investigates the death of a young woman, and he can't help thinking about his wife; by Jo Morgan (4 pages)

Charlie's New Suit - Stella tries to pin Charlie down for just long enough to get him suited up before his big Coke pitch in this comedy by Paul Silverman (3 pages)

My Good Old Paradise My Good Old Paradise - Franklin Shadrach Uchenna's character goes to the Nigerian countryside to rediscover a childhood paradise (4 pages)

Prayer Story for Tibet - A great black bird leads a spiritual call for Tibet in this tale by Sheri R. Watson (2 pages)

The Encounter - Tim teases his wife for bringing home strays, by Gary Beck (3 pages)

The Istanbul Incident - Two sailors take shore leave in 1960s Istanbul, by Robert Copple (2 pages)

Losers - A trio of youths aspire to set up a gang, by Gordon H Sharp (2 pages)

Survivors? - Castways weather a nasty storm, by Gordon H Sharp (4 pages)

Vote for Who? Vote for Who? - Ellie introduces a new Frankensteinian presidential candidate to the family in this funny short by Reid Laurence (3 pages)

Luck - Tyler has a disastrous day, but how long will his luck hold out? By Andrew Ashe (3 pages)

Intrinsically Evil - Mike visits his father in prison and becomes nervous about whether his father's evil influence might extend beyond the prison walls, by Robin Hutton (8 pages)

My Granny's - Edward McWhinney's character reflects as he observes the ragtag people that pass through his grandmother's life in this stream of consciousness (7 pages)

The Juvenile - A preppie goes to San Francisco and finds a stereotypical frat-fest, by Ian Ross (3 pages)

Murder in Broad Daylight - Okoro shows Joyce the true nature of their beautiful fatherland Nigeria, by Wingate Emmanuel Onyedi (3 pages)

Waiting On You - Jordan Collins undertakes a romantic vigil in the local mall, by Jerry W. Crews (20 pages)

The Outsider The Outsider - Angelica, an ambitious Nigerian girl, dreams of moving to the big city to be a fashion designer, but a more difficult path awaits her in Uche Umezurike's powerful saga (21 pages)

Numbers! - Frightened Freddie gets dragged into the police station worrying about his fate; by Gordon H Sharp (2 pages)

Cruncher - Helga has a job review and her son's arraignment for manslaughter coming up, and Lila and Michael are worried about her; by Paul Silverman (4 pages)

Rations - John Arthur Pegg's quirky episode about a fat man stranded in the desert (3 pages)

Sutra Muni - An island-dwelling peasant's life changes when he inspired by Buddhism; by Durlabh Singh (4 pages)

Gods & Buccaneers - Mrs Simmons and Mrs Bourke follow the life story of beautiful and vulnerable Diane Neal through a swathe of 21st century history; by Andrew Coburn (11 pages)

Peaceful Protest... Peaceful Protest... - Willie Cross' charming story starts with Calderburgh's Young Communist League scrounging 7/6 for petrol to attend a Ban the Bomb march... (4 pages)

A Period of Unemployment - Martin Green reflects on a transitional time of his life, long ago by the San Francisco bay (6 pages)

Dead Soldiers - Nora finds some incriminating evidence in her bedroom, and wonders how to face her family, in this short story by John Tompkins (2 pages)

The Last Weekend - Paco explains in his broken English the fiasco that led him to be distracted from his schoolwork, by Krystyna Smallman (5 pages)

Recovery - Two lonely souls enjoy a chance encounter on Christmas Eve, by John Sims (5 pages)

Hero - Doc Byron's creepy vignette about an obese boy's enraged reaction to a new fat kid on the block (2 pages)

Duel in the Sand Duel in the Sand - Dave Chapman arrives on the Queensland coast, determined to fulfil his purpose at any cost - but his strength of body and mind must be proved before the heart can be won, in this lighthearted tale by Gordon H Sharp (7 pages)

A Dead Man - A pair of sisters find a dead man with a familiar face by the riverbank, by Catherine Woods (4 pages)

Purple Heart Fatigue - A wounded Iraq veteran muses on his predicament, by Reid Laurence (2 pages)

Aisling - David A Donovan's emotive story about a traveller returning to his long-empty home (4 pages)

Moving On - A man tries to come to terms with the disaster he has spent years running away from, by Andrew Porterfield (5 pages)

God and the Devil Play Chess for the Soul of a Dead Catholic - Michael Kilday's title says it all (4 pages)

Too Many Words - Michael Kilday's sad tale of a woman who is woken up by a night-time phone call from her husband (3 pages)

Rap Battle Rap Battle - Mike Aronovitz's captivating glimpse into the life of a schoolteacher as two precocious students stake their reputations on a vicious lunchroom rap battle (7 pages)

The Haunted Author - Durlabh Singh's author manages to overcome writer's block, but then faces a battle of wits with his character (4 pages)

Gemma - Gemma remembers her past loves and losses when she wakes up next to a dead man and all her problems come to a head, by Andrew Coburn (13 pages)

Sarah and the Cat - Sarah makes a new feline friend - an ally to help her cope with her alcoholic mother, by Silvia J. Millward (3 pages)

The Fast Track - Reid Laurence's typically quirky take on the quality of medical education (3 pages)

Workings Out in a Smalltown - Dave Witty's character hits the gym hard to try and block out ominous smalltown gossip (4 pages)

A Black Limousine, a Tangelo Tree, and a Naked Woman - John Andrew Durler's dreamlike short in which a most unusual guest drops by (2 pages)

Deadly Duty Deadly Duty - Two old African military friends debate their ideological differences, but a deadly coup is brewing that will force them to choose sides; by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyeama (10 pages)

Monster - Jessica has to contend with some ugly monsters in Kate Woods' vignette (3 pages)

A White House Farewell - Alex Taylor, a libidinous White House insider, plays power games with higher stakes than he realises; by William de Rham (10 pages)

The Wrong Answer - Fourteen-year old Molly is desperate to find an answer to deal with her abusive, drug-addled mother; by Michael Eberhardt (4 pages)

The Author - An underachieving author revisits the lone copy of his published book at his local library, only to find that it has gone missing; by Robert Levin (4 pages)

Ragadug and the Pink Dragon Ragadug and the Pink Dragon - Megan Dowsett's utterly charming children's tale about a dancing pink dragon (6 pages)

Life's a Bitch - A badly behaved puppy rubs salt into the wounds left by Jo's separation from philandering George, by Moira McDermott (4 pages)

A Woolf in Vita's Clothing - Two emotionally deadened misfits find themselves running away from everything except each other; by Andrew Coburn (11 pages)

The Lady By The Pond - Robert Copple's account of a young boy's first sexual stirrings (1 page)

The Fortune Cookie's Prophecy - Superstitious Shashi woefully underestimates a fortune cookie's warning; by Kevin Johl (3 pages)

The Daughter-in-Law - Mrs Macdonald's dislike of her future daughter-in-law gets out of hand; by Julie Bosma (3 pages)

Thirsty Thirsty - Isaac's dreams of mining silver are distracted by the appearance of a heat-crazed dog, by Paul Silverman (4 pages)

Cul de Sac - A sad house gets emptied by a man and his dog in this atmospheric story by Damien Patton (3 pages)

Horace - Thomas Baines recounts an old man's path to contentment (3 pages)

Yellow Roses For Aphrodite - A woman mourns her lost lover, appealing to the preternatural power of the sea for respite, by R. S. Pyne (4 pages)

A Daughter's Revenge - A macabre story about a betrayal between friends so close they could be the same person, by Jenene Fears (2 pages)

Turnpike Nick - A bitter caddy rages his way through a loop of golf, by Michael Eberhardt (3 pages)

Favorite Stories - A group of psychoanalysts tell each other their favourite stories at the Thursday Club, by G David Schwartz (9 pages)

Fig Leaf Fig Leaf - An encounter on a New England nudist beach sparks off an unorthodox relationship in Andrew Coburn's characterful work (16 pages)

Mongoose Open Season - Aongus Murtagh writes of a woman who visits her drug-addled friend to persuade him to run away before trouble catches up with them (10 pages)

A Sculptor's Summer - Robert Chase devotes his life to his disturbing living-art sculptures, by Bick Parker (5 pages)

Allahu Akbar! - Bick Parker's cautionary flash fiction about four Islamic men on a mission to communicate their message, whatever the cost (2 pages)

The Sweet Smelling Skunk - Artie Knapp's children's tale about a gardening, singing skunk (3 pages)

An Interrupted Journey Home - An idyllic family outing is interrupted by a gruesome encounter, by Andy Szpuk (3 pages)

Angel at the Automat - Brian Joseph's character reminisces about how his unusual hobby led to meeting his true love (4 pages)

Bhai Sehna Bhai Sehna - Bhai Sehna recalls his days healing the wounded in a war against the invaders of his once idyllic homeland, by Durlabh Singh (4 pages)

Mort of Magic - Gary Alexander's pleasantly sentimental flashback about the narrator's friendship with a bumbling magician in New York City (3 pages)

The Giving Gift - Brian Joseph's moral tale about the joy of giving (2 pages)

A Lie - The Ultimate Marriage - Patrick Dent compares the commitment of marriage to the commitment of sustaining a particularly big lie - both of which come with all sorts of trouble (3 pages)

The Cull - Christine Kelem's story from the point of view of a herd member in a battery farm (3 pages)

Sisohpromatem - Reid Laurence revisits a Kafka classic (4 pages)

I Love Chicken I Love Chicken - A wonderfully bizarre relationship develops after Kitty hits an oversize chicken with her car, by Andrew Edison (7 pages)

Growing Pains - Two young men try to come to terms with social and political issues in the Kennedy years, by Gary Beck (4 pages)

Parting Shot - Chris Evans nervously waits to take off for America to escape the turmoil caused in his narrow Welsh hometown after his mother Llinos walks out on his father Deiniol, by Ian James. (7 pages)

The Masquerade - G David Schwartz's sketch about a truculent Jewish husband who complains bitterly about having to attend a party (5 pages)

Soda - Billy has to choose between Ella and Angie in this tense emotional vignette by James Ross (3 pages)

Where's Muriel? - Mr Humphrey Wentworth's wife has gone missing, and he fears the worst, by P S Gifford (3 pages)

Over Coffee, Monday Morning Over Coffee, Monday Morning - Jo Morgan's sensuous story about a woman reliving a passionate but flawed relationship one last time (8 pages)

Always the Bad Guy - Justin Satchel is fascinated by criminals, until he commits a transgression of his own, by James Harris (6 pages)

Ring Finger - Richard and Gayna revisit an old haunt and their relationship reaches a terrifying breaking point, by James Harris (7 pages)

Arnold Grey Trilogy: Part 1: Being in Love, Part 2: Getting Married and Part 3: Struggling On - The quiet romantic life of Arnold, a research analyst from California, by Martin Green (35 pages)

Just One Night... - A successful businesswoman has an unexpected encounter with her past, in the shape of a grubby dwarf, by May Livere (4 pages)

Interactions Interactions - Chris Rooney's bittersweet tale of a postman's Friday morning ritual delivering packages to an old lady in a dying Newcastle street (7 pages)

Michelle - Michelle discovers the truth behind her special abilities in Kate Lynn-Devere's sci-fi fantasy (9 pages)

The Last Wish of Elliot Pomroy - A janitor and a farmer muse about what will be remembered of them after they die, by Alex Baratta (8 pages)

Tough Teacher - Reid Laurence's anecdote about a teacher with extremely high expectations (2 pages)

Puppet Theatre - Pamela Gates' haunting horror about a gypsy puppet theatre (3 pages)

Gravity Keeps Holding Me Down - Jerry Crews' charming comedy about a poor kid's lifelong battle against gravity (8 pages)

The Angel of the Window The Angel of the Window - Radiant angel Luxia and her faithful companion Corbett, a giant seagull, embark on a grand and dangerous Odyssey in Loren Presley's epic fantasy (21 pages)

The Roots - Ron explores his long lost Indian roots after discovering his dead father's diaries, by Ravi Bedi (7 pages)

A Little Unfinished Monkey Business - What would happen if infinite monkeys at infinite typewriters happened to produce literature first and gibberish later instead of the other way around? by Gary Azerier (3 pages)

There She Goes - An oddly told but compelling tale of a recovering alcoholic caught between two soul sisters, by Daniel H. Debelius, Jr (12 pages)

Cauld Enough Tae Freeze Yer Baws Aff - A rant in Scottish dialect about a late-night encounter with a sleepwalker, by Jimmy Wilde (1 page)

The World Turned Upside Down - A stream of consciousness with Apocalyptic overtones about a London Underground carriage packed with party-goers returning home, by Jimmy Wilde (6 pages)

Gladiator Gladiator - Philippine children bet on gladiatoral battles between spiders, by Sigfredo R. Iñigo (5 pages)

A Normal Day - Silene De La Paz's character looks back on what went wrong in her life (2 pages)

Witch! - A woman accused of being a witch is hunted down, by May Livere (2 pages)

The Lift - A claustrophobe's promotion comes with a severe downside when he has to take the lift every day, by Adrian Kane (4 pages)

Buttercup - George Rolph's character changes his perspective after spending a day with a homeless man (7 pages)

Under the Bridge - A reluctant visitor to Lagos gets an education in the ways of the street, by Uche Umezurike (5 pages)

The Heart of Lucy - An English scientist at the turn of the twentieth century gives life to a flawed artificial human, by Loren Presley (10 pages)

Hunter Hunter - An injured wild mouse elicits a traumatic decision, by Krishan Coupland (3 pages)

Companion - Noah Ruderman's nostalgic recollection of lost love (2 pages)

Carl - The birth of an unusual cat heralds a change in Reid Laurence's life (20 pages)

What the Government Won't Tell You - SETI scientists intercept a controversial message, by Reid Laurence (4 pages)

A Day in the Life - Life sucks for Reid Laurence (3 pages)

Songs from the Wood - A fictional essay about Tom Mills' obsessive quest to translate birdsong, by Chris Harris (13 pages)

Seed of Redemption Seed of Redemption - A slave finds himself blamed for a crime he did not commit, but even death does not rule out redemption, by Jerry Crews (18 pages)

Death and Prosperity - A delusional woman is being tickled to death by her Buddy in this dark tale by Vinie Brooks (5 pages)

The Partisan - A dying soldier journeys into the afterlife, by Rory Allen (3 pages)

The Snake - Rory Allen's traveller has a spiritual epiphany when he sees a snake on an Arabian shore (2 pages)

An Arabian Christmas Tale - Rory Allen's character picks up Arabian hitchhikers and reflects with them on cultural differences (2 pages)

The Cuckold - A man watches his wife and her lover in a Swiss café with mixed emotions, but all is not as it seems, by Alex Baratta (8 pages)

The Gift - A rich benefactor wants to leave his legacy carved into stone, by Gary Alexander (2 pages)

The Muse of Houston Street - Porter Backhouse, a once-renowned painter, searches for inspiration somewhere between Kaplan's Work Pants and Max's diner, in Harry Buschman's humorous and characterful story (8 pages)

Baseballs, Citrus Suckies, Stanley & Me - An aspiring baseball superstar is hounded by his nemesis, by FW Bosworth (9 pages)

Bug Infestation - Ian Duncan Smith's powerfully understated glimpse into the loneliness of Christmas (2 pages)

Jailbird - Two jailbirds dream of dodging death row, but there's something unusual about their prison, by Reid Laurence (7 pages)

Smoking the Opposition Smoking the Opposition - Robert Upton wants to become a high-flying advertising executive, but his interview turns out to be rather unconventional, by James Harris (9 pages)

The Backwards-Double-Twist-Somersault - Stanley is hired to fix a pool heater belonging to a strikingly odd ex-pro diver, and he hatches a devious plan, by James Harris (8 pages)

Lost Doghood - Dogs meet to plot a rebellion and free themselves of their dependance on vile humans, by Muhammad Nasrullah Khan (4 pages)

In Hour of Death - A great writer on the verge of death looks back philosophically on his life, by Muhammad Nasrullah Khan (3 pages)

Last Night Stand Sensational tabloid paranoia fuels the disturbed imagination of Michael Keenaghan's character in this hardcore piece (6 pages)

My Boogeyman - Alex Baratta's character relives her six-year-old encounter with her own personal boogeyman (6 pages)

A Sophisticated Lady - The very thing that elevated Maud to the status of a sophisticated lady threatens to be her downfall in Thomas Baines' tale of high etiquette (9 pages)

Sweetie Lou Sweetie Lou - Ericka Pate's character recounts - with considerable flair - her posthumous reconciliation with her mother (4 pages)

The Twin Search - A surreal existential fable by Irving Bronsky (3 pages)

Anticlimax - Craig Erlick's dystopian incarceration nightmare (2 pages)

Farm Life - The residents of a farm find out the terrible secret behind their idyllic lives, by Jerry W. Crews (12 pages)

A Song for Miriam - A perspective on war through the eyes of a mentally handicapped child, by Rory Allen (3 pages)

Reflections - Josh Ransom's traumatised mind slowly builds up to suicide, but is easily distracted, by Foster Trecost (9 pages)

Useless - Caje, incapacitated after a road accident, weighs up the pros and cons of working for a senior politician, by Uche Umezurike (4 pages)

Fallen God Fallen God - Nate is forced to face his demons when he notices God lodged in his neighbours' chimney, by Damien Patton (7 pages)

Connecting Spaces - Inspired by nostalgic old photographic plates, Garner overcomes adversity to succeed as a journalist, by Christopher Rooney (8 pages)

Heads and Tails - An abused husband finds a way to help rescue his relationship with his wife, but the problem is worse than he thought, by George Rolph (8 pages)

It's Just the Sun Rising - A determined artist does not let life get in the way of remembering his dad, by James Ross (3 pages)

Plot - James Ross' well-crafted vignette about a gardener that does a job for his girlfriend's gay brother (6 pages)

Before Sunrise - Muhammad Nasrullah Khan's tragic tale of a singer that captivates the hearts of her audience, set in Pakistan (6 pages)

Unheard Melody - A disillusioned writer learns a sad story about defeated ambition, by Muhammad Nasrullah Khan (5 pages)

Last Refuge - A lost man returns home to Pakistan and reflects on the disappointing lack of progress in his village, by Muhammad Nasrullah Khan (5 pages)

The Man who was a Donkey - A Pakistani child experiences an unsettling revelation about caste society, by Muhammad Nasrullah Khan (4 pages)

His Turn - A hapless man goes to great lengths to get his turn with the office seductress, by Thomas Baines (8 pages)

The Black Eye The Black Eye - Sahar Sabati recounts a surprisingly intimate moment for a peripatetic journalist in a café (6 pages)

Chocolate, Coffee and Tears - Gemma Amor's narrative about a simple father who treasures the time he spends with his daughter, fearing that she will not forgive him for his mistakes - before it's too late (3 pages)

Jessie's Mountain - Jessie overcomes her Pa's neglect to raise her siblings in Tennessee, by Marie Burrack (3 pages)

Strange Deeds Under A New Moon - A mystical legend encourages 1930's teenagers to do drastic things, with amazing results, by Jerry W. Crews (11 pages)

Dirty Water - Aaron James Shaw's horror about a five-year old child trapped between two monsters (5 pages)

Hidden Witches - Dorothy McFalls' tense fantasy about a woman whose nightmares take on physical form and challenge her to face her demons (24 pages)

Angela's Adventure - Dan Leydon's glimpse into the mind of a four-year-old girl searching for her imaginary friend (4 pages)

A Sprig of Rosemary - Carolyn A Lewis' appropriation of the Nordic story of Frithiof's Saga, about an irreconcilable love (9 pages)

The Good Die Young? - John Sims' character finds himself falling asleep at the wheel and stops to get some rest, but he doesn't get what he expects (2 pages)

Dream Lover - Edward's uncle recalls a beautiful and elusive woman who taught him a valuable lesson about his Welsh homeland, by John Sims (6 pages)

Clockwork - A man ruled by strict timekeeping wakes up to find his sleepy village deserted, by Alex Baratta (4 pages)

An Experiment for the Future - A Finnish professor conducts a breakthrough cryogenics experiment and is tempted to go even further, by Shawn Strachan (6 pages)

Dead Souls - John Lennon provides the soundtrack for the characters' lives in Rory Allen's grisly war nightmare (5 pages)

Charles Trenet's La Mer - Cleveland W. Gibson's character desperately seeks solace after a tragic loss (3 pages)

Waiting for Caradoc Waiting for Caradoc - A village is evacuated when the Romans attack in John Sims' charismatic dramatisation of ancient Celtic legend (7 pages)

And God Created Woman - John Sims' comic interpretation of life after Eden (10 pages)

The Perfect Orgasm - Irving Bronsky's alarmingly quirky account of what happens when a professor of sexology takes a baby girl with a penchant for masturbation under his wing (13 pages)

A Better Deal - Roger spends time with his ex-wife, a woman who knows what she wants, by John Tompkins (6 pages)

The Alien Encounter - This very short story was written by Kirby Belle, a budding author who is only eleven years old (2 pages)

The Lebensborn Legacy - Detective Sergeant Joe Tanner investigates a murder mystery and finds links to Nazi eugenics experiments, by Michael Acton (5 pages)

RUSH RUSH - A remarkably original and imaginative future history of the legacy of the legendary Dr. Andrew Hemmings, as told by a student surfing the Full Fusion global thought network, by T.L. Cummings (17 pages)

Good Vibrations - A non-humanoid alien race, who communicate by tapping into the resonant frequencies of their planet, react to a visit from the human race, by T.L. Cummings (6 pages)

The Last Days of Eden - Subtle incongruities hint towards the true nature of Happy Valley and its overzealous guardian Jacob, in Alex Baratta's unhurried saga (30 pages)

Free. For the Moment. - A brief emotional narrative by Emma Spires about the significance of a particular visit to the beach (2 pages)

Full Service - Jeff Hogan gets offered a ticket to ride out of his langorous Kentucky hometown, by G. David Schwartz (5 pages)

Just A Drink - Milton, a down-and-out alcoholic, accepts a smuggling mission that turns out to be more than he bargained for, by M. Blake (14 pages)

The Good Doctor - Doctor Franklin Guiles suspects foul play when a patient fails to heal, and he must find out why in this story by Adrian Kalil (11 pages)

I Wanted To Be Invisible - Robert Levin's character explores his motivations for sexually interfering with a dog called Maureen in this coarse comedy (4 pages)

Auto Da Fé Auto Da Fé - Sinister playground games prove to be a rite of passage for the characters in Rotimi Babatunde's African moral tale (10 pages)

When Pacino's Hot, I'm Hot - A comedy about a wonderfully pathetic character with a talent for looking famous, by Robert Levin (11 pages)

The Speech - A comrade of the Russian Revolution is invited to make an important speech in this satire by G David Schwartz (7 pages)

The Baby - Alex Baratta's rebellious character reflects on the cyclical nature of life (5 pages)

A Sudden Stillness - An old couple find their unusual sort of peace disturbed when strike action grounds the Third Avenue El, by Harry Buschman (4 pages)

Diagonal - Edward McWhinney's stream of consciousness about a student exploring Barcelona (5 pages)

Peggie Peggie - Robert Levin's hilarious and sympathetic account of one of the heftier conquests in his mission to sleep with every type of woman in the world (3 pages)

In Birmingham - M. Blake's destitute drifter, Henry Simmer, makes a stop in the Bible Belt to earn his way onwards (11 pages)

Borrowed Time - A mysterious conversation held on borrowed time heralds a scientific breakthrough, by D. J. Burnham (14 pages)

A Feast of Peonies - Condo politics are tainted by festering corruption and racism in this graphic chapter by Obi (26 pages)

Ben s Corner - Ramon Collins' sweet story about a bar and its patrons in smalltown America, deeply rooted in times past (6 pages)

October 1st - The smell of coffee signals that something is very wrong in this story by Emma Spires (2 pages)

A Job - Stern takes a babysitting job to support himself while writing, by M. Blake (3 pages)

A Planned Retirement A Planned Retirement - Bill Monks' fascinating tale of a loveable rogue's plan to escape to a lifetime of wealth and happiness (10 pages)

The Raccoon - A lighthearted but affecting account of a stranger's bold admission to a humiliating secret, by Bill Monks (5 pages)

Platinum Premium Service & Support Policy - A hilarious anecdote of an old gentleman's tussle with technology, by Bill Monks (4 pages)

An Unfinished Husband - A family man feels there is something missing from his life, and he finds it is not what he expected, by Adrian Kalil (8 pages)

Dearest Eliot - Set in 1939, Harry Buschman tells the tale of a ragged young activist consumed by war and love (7 pages)

Magnolia - Henry Simmer looks for a drink and a ride through redneck country southern USA, by M. Blake (6 pages)

Hearts and Darts Hearts and Darts - Dod plays games of the heart in the Scottish glens, by Eddie Bruce (4 pages)

Looking Back From The Hill - An African Reverend revisits his homeland and finds many changes, by Rev P E Adotey Addo (4 pages)

A Decision - M. Blake's glimpse into the life of a down-and-out writer struggling with alcoholism (5 pages)

Hope Reborn Amidst the Rubble in an African Village - Rev P E Adotey Addo finds the deeper meaning of Christmas in the face of despair (2 pages)

Slaughterhouse Gray - Susynn Jane's story about a child coming to terms with her uncle's grisly job (4 pages)

Haircut - A couple moves into a new town and Kinkade employs sinister tactics to find out who is making them feel unwelcome, by Richard D. Moore (17 pages)

Faith in Cats and Unseen Things Faith in Cats and Unseen Things - A young girl sneaks out of bed on Halloween night to watch her mother's annual attempt to summon Norma's ghost, by Susynn Jane (6 pages)

The Color of Autumn - A mysterious and entrancing lady holds a deep secret for Chris in this story by Adrian Kalil (8 pages)

Sarah Bishop - Ryan Mather, a promiscuous young student, meets his match in a woman who forces him to dig up more than just his past in this horror by M. Richard Smith (8 pages)

Predictions to Live By - A prominent sports announcer is having a run of bad luck when he gets some assistance from an unlikely source, by Gary Grenier (7 pages)

The Window Upstairs - Adrian Kalil's account of an intense emotional duel that culminates in an irreversible tragedy (8 pages)

Millwall Forever Millwall Forever - Young Tom Stanton's dream comes true when his father takes him to see the Lions play in Don Bone's enchanting story set in 1960's working class London (11 pages)

Untitled 1 - Esther Mukabi's stream of consciousness from an author with writer's block (4 pages)

The American - An Islamic fundamendalist plays his part in an epic plot to overthrow the USA, by Jim Bergstad (17 pages)

Self-Analysis - A disturbed young Indian man tells his story in an effort to analyse his unconventional behaviour, by Rattan Mann (6 pages)

Jerusalem - Ed Bruce's charming account of a man wrapped up in the tribulations of alcoholism (3 pages)

The Woodsman - Alan Braun keeps his taut forbidden emotions hidden just below the surface in this story by Adrian Kalil (6 pages)

The Bastard The Bastard - An adolescent boy wakes up to find that his family will never be the same again in this thoughtful piece by Adrian Kalil (3 pages)

Playing Games On The Gravy Train - Harry is hired to destabilise the political opposition, so he heads for the constituency's crèche, by George Rolph (5 pages)

San Juan De Ortega - A pair of pilgrims stop for the night in a small Spanish church and make an unusual friend, by Chris Speck (6 pages)

Fixer - Sophie copes with her partner's sudden mysterious disappearance and an irritating Porsche driver, by Ed Bruce (4 pages)

Receiver - An old lady reminisces about past theivery, and this time she has met her match; by Ed Bruce (3 pages)

Strong Spirits - A white boy drinks with his spirit-brewing mentor, overlooking the tropical jungle; by Chris Speck (4 pages)

The Love Letter The Love Letter - A captivating and mysterious love letter consumes the heartbroken protagonist in this story by George Rolph (8 pages)

Street of Dreams - A Jewish family struggles to pursue hope during hard times in this atmospheric tale by Harry Buschman (5 pages)

Return to Zendar - An alien embarks on a doomed mission to copulate with a member of the human race, and unwittingly discovers Elvis instead, by David Goldstein (4 pages)

Daughter Of Phorcys - David Goldstein takes a deeper look into the personal consequences for a character of an ancient Greek myth (2 pages)

Annie's Answer - Paddy Murphy tries to persuade his mother to go into a nursing home, but nothing he can do will convince her, by Tom Leddy (4 pages)

To Paris With Love - A beautiful Russian lady witnesses a crime in Paris, and a French Inspector insists on looking after her, by Verne Morse (7 pages)

Desensitised Desensitised - Chris Gaskin's philosophical confession of evil, expressed with such rage and disillusionment it is frighteningly believable (4 pages)

The Shoot - Miles Hitchcock recounts episodes of a gritty recreation in the Australian bush (5 pages)

Fighting Joe Diamond - An ageing Irish boxer in the Windy City confides in a luckless woman to reflect on his own identity, by Jesse Clifford (11 pages)

The Tooth Fairy's Tale - The tooth fairy gossips some things about Santa and the Easter Bunny that the kids best not know; by Bob Simms (5 pages)

Apologize, Apologize - David Fraser's scarred, penitent character relives past cruelties committed by him and his father (4 pages)

Twenty-Four Hours of Perfection - Brandon Howarth's vision of a perfect relationship (2 pages)

The Garden of Remembrance Garden of Remembrance - An unkempt patch of garden holds deathly secrets; by Tom Leddy (3 pages)

For the Soul of Edward Dean Hazlitt - An ageing author, who once worked magic with his books, is tempted to sell himself short by an unexpected acquaintance; by Harry Buschman (6 pages)

Of Loyalty and Loneliness - A lonely Major drifts through a pleasant continental town, by Andy Peacock (5 pages)

The Wedding Finger - An irreverent scene following two hired criminals on an unusual job, by Andy Peacock (8 pages)

From Out of the Sky - An uncomplicated castaway romance by Verne Morse (5 pages)

The House on the Hill - Topali's story about the life of a grand house that grows and warps in sympathy with the people that inhabit it (2 pages)

Helpless Helpless - A very close and personal, though mysterious, friend picks apart the emotional state of the complex protagonist in this story by Emmy Smith (5 pages)

The Key - No amount of security can protect against the hazards of time travel; by Todd A. Burnett (5 pages)

Old Heroes Never Die - Carter finds himself cast back to 1940, fighting for his life in a dramatic dogfight, by George Rolph (7 pages)

Beyond the Wires - Miles Hitchcock's atmospheric tale of a halting car journey through the Australian outback that stumbles upon an Aboriginal mystery (6 pages)

The Letter of the Law - Avril Croft fights against the love that turned against her in a dark and tragic way, by Steve Fitzsimmons (7 pages)

Vietnam Notes - A dramatic account of Robert Flynn's harrowing experiences as a soldier in the Vietnam War (15 pages)

Dumb Shoe Dumb Shoe - Steve Fitzsimmons' brilliantly punny hardboiled P.I. spoof about the web of intrigue surrounding slug drugs (7 pages)

A Day at the Office - A jaded man chases memories of a love long since faded, by Rebecca Billings (3 pages)

The Contest - Michael Castelli's pleasantly uncomplicated story about a radio contest in smalltown southern USA (22 pages)

A Night Out - Dan Greenhalgh's comically grim vision of Europe in 2028 (5 pages)

The Story - This macabre fantasy was written by two people, Tim Gordon and Paul Gibbinson, each adding alternate paragraphs (8 pages)

Granny - Juliet Aharoni's very short story about a Jewish granny's unusual interpretation of being cruel to be kind (2 pages)

The Passing of Willie MonahanThe Passing of Willie Monahan Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 - A brilliant, lighthearted and touching story - full of character and warmth - about the untimely passing of an old friend, by Harry Buschman (15 pages)

The Death Bed - A rugged boxer visits his dying father, and both are as uncompromising as each other; by Andy Peacock (6 pages)

Tamerlane - A bibliophile stumbles upon an unexpected treasure, with hilarious consequences; by Mason Willey (7 pages)

The Listener - Phillip comes to terms with his strange talent in this story by Helen Gill (2 pages)

Mr. Ben's Syndrome - Echoes of A Clockwork Orange abound in Matthew Langford's brutal English yarn of coldblooded murder and calculated vendettas (16 pages)

Death Will Follow - A horror authoress has to face the demons she brought upon her fans and herself, by Marissa Anne Huth (3 pages)

Tom Blake Tom Blake - Tim Verger's eloquent saga of an unfortunate vagrant child in an ancient century, and his modern incarnation (8 pages)

The Eyes - The eyes have it in this off-the-wall take on the danger of listening to the little voices in your head, by Tarrie Murray (4 pages)

It Was All Over Now And I Was Done - A drive-by shooting gives this man a whole new perspective, by Elton Kelly (2 pages)

Some Things Never Were - Ryan Ferrigan's story about a hockey player who is forced to rearrange his priorities (6 pages)

Jump - A dramatic and tragic race to save the remnants of a troubled family, by M. Castelli (16 pages)

Ladybird, Ladybird, Fly Away - Personal anecdotes from half a century of firefighting in Brooklyn, by Charles Francis Farrell (7 pages)

Wild Dimensions Part One: Time for a Change - A bizzarely imaginative rollercoaster ride through Matthew Langford's twisted take on Earth's history and destiny (13 pages)

Bad Bad - Gary Brooks' colourful descriptive comedy about the fallout after a party in a student house, full of character, flamboyant turns of phrase, and strong language (10 pages)

The Nova - Kurt Kitasaki's humorous satire on executives in the automotive industry (6 pages)

The Great Wall - A man must explore the corridors of his psyche to recover from his illness, by Elad Nostaw (2 pages)

Boarded Windows - Elad Nostaw's story of a friendship that overcame barriers, set in Louisiana (2 pages)

I Am Lucky - A story told from the point of view of a young racehorse in training, by Don Fraser (3 pages)

Francesco - Julie Bosma's account of the life and death of a most unusual pet (2 pages)

A Mess of Mondays - Delinquency, alcoholism, murder and injustice plague the lives of the Warren family, as told by Nelson Tucker (14 pages)

The Thief - Jesse Clifford's narrative of the woeful fortune of a man living at the turn of the last century (3 pages)

PopcornPopcorn - A Kiwi construction site manager stylishly tackles the seemingly insurmountable task of building a cinema in record time, by Terry T. (6 pages)

Untitled - A charismatic fantasy featuring mutant mercenary bikers, by Ulrich Burke (11 pages)

The Last Page - A mysterious, apocalyptic curtain of fire traps a group of friends on a Californian peninsula, by J. E. Deegan (10 pages)

Simon - Iain Watts' horror story about a boy with serious problems (6 pages)

The Christmas Dog - Richard Smith's account of a father and son's final reconciliation (3 pages)

The Race in Cameria - A tragic parable set in a fantasy town, by David Tyson Smith (4 pages)

The Pragmatic Boffin - Matthew Langford's funny cautionary tale about the power of words (4 pages)

He Will Never Leave You - Sharon Niese's bitesize glimpse into the faith of a woman undergoing a mastectomy (2 pages)

Home Sweet Home - Another emotional trip through a saddened mind by Sharon Niese (3 pages)

Tears - Deb's mother leaves her a box of memories after her death, by Sharon Niese (3 pages)

McKee's - Peter O'Donnell reminisces about meeting his Irish love, by June M. Castle (3 pages)

Well-To-Do - A bleak 90's version of the American nuclear family, by Sam Sheffler (8 pages)

The Desert - A desert disaster with a morbid twist, by Reuven Hayat (4 pages)

The Electric Dog - A Philip K. Dick style science fiction parody of normality, by S. Ronnoco (8 pages)

A Home for Sara - A couple struggle to come to terms with the saddest loss of them all, by Robin Marie Grove (2 pages)

High Beliefs - A pair of scientists discover something humbling while researching the lifestyle of a primitive jungle tribe, by Daniel Walton (3 pages)

Drackon Ridge - This sleepy Australian backwater will never know what hit it... by Warren Roff-Marsh (4 pages)

Root Entry - The intense aftermath of a rape, written by Terry Cummings (2 pages)

The Man Who Grew Slowly - A parable with a rather blunt ending about a computer geek, by Sue DeNimm (2 pages)

Above Candles - Another imaginative and compelling story by David K. Smith. What happens when you try to uphold religion in our crazy modern world (16 pages)

Cat Eyes Scream - Long-awaited exclusive sequel to Cat Eyes Screen by David K. Smith (19 pages)

Cat Eyes Screen - The Internet is more than meets the eye... by David K. Smith (5 pages)

Memory for Two - A story about Artificial Intelligence and fish, by Steven L. Schiff. Remember: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts... (6 pages)

Writer's Evening - A psychological story about a troubled writer by Lio Mangubat (5 pages)

Adenburrow - A surreal sexy short story, beat-style, by Morgan Haynes (2 pages)

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